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Cocktail "Pink Elephant"

Cocktail "Pink Elephant"

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Ingredients for making the Pink Elephant cocktail

  1. Canadian whiskey 60 ml
  2. orange juice 30 ml
  3. Grenadine Liqueur 30 ml
  4. Galiano liqueur 30 ml
  5. liqueur "Cream de Noyo" 30 ml
  6. whipped cream, if desired, is used for decoration
  7. ice to taste
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 2 servings


shaker martini glass

Preparation of the cocktail "Pink Elephant":

Step 1: Prepare a cocktail.

In an ice shaker, mix orange juice, vodka and liquors. Shake for 5 minutes, then gently pour into a glass.

Step 2: Serve.

The cocktail is usually served chilled. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Be sure to decorate the glass, then everyone will decide that it is prepared by a professional bartender. You can use a slice of lemon, cinnamon or whipped cream, especially for lovers of sweets.

- - The color of the cocktail depends on the amount of liquor and orange juice, so you can always make a drink to your taste and color.