Mix the yeast with a little warm milk and a teaspoon of sugar and leave it to activate for 20 minutes.

After the yeast has risen, we start to prepare the dough.

Put the flour in a bowl over which we add the yeast and warm water, gradually. Add salt and oil and knead well until it sticks very little.

Grease the walls of the vessel with a little oil and leave it to rise, without doing anything, for 3 hours.

After the dough has risen well, we start making the pies. We take the dough and spread it thinly in a circle. Then, in the middle of the circle, put the filling (jam, cheese, small pieces of chocolate, etc.), taking care to leave room on the edge. Fold the other half and press with a fork to stick well. * optionally, you can grease on top with egg, melted butter or oil. Place the pies in a pan greased with oil.

Bake for approx. 10 minutes, then with one glove turn them on the other side and leave for another 2 minutes. And that's it! Pies ahead!