Potato stew with thin sausages

Finely chop the onion and fry it in olive oil.

We cut the sausages into suitable pieces and add them over a slightly hardened onion.

Add a little water and let it simmer.

Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes, add them to the sausage over the sausages, add enough water to cover the spices and crushed garlic and let it boil.

After the potatoes and sausages have boiled and the juice has decreased, add a little fresh parsley.

What foods go with salad?

Mamarutzo mother, this is not a salad and does not go with leaves of any kind.

For us, the salad problem is solved, because it is eaten before the main course and therefore we do not ask ourselves what it goes with.

# 4 Aphrodite

Irina, I also cook pasta with salad, as the main food, I sometimes put boiled or fried chicken broth, over the dose, ham or salami, depending on what I have at home or how hungry I am.
If I still have ideas, I'll write to you.
Until then, a successful start to the week!

Here is a picture taken from the net, it can make you want it

# 5 mamaruta

# 6 roxana anca

I took canned MATIAS fish from Metro 2 in donut sauce, and made a salad. I took the lettuce, I cut it into strips, I put the green onion, I cut the fish into thin strips, and on top I put the very good canned sauce.

Another salad - Dobrogea salad - works for those who fast, sliced ​​green salad, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions (optional), dill, parsley, sliced ​​olive oil and for those who fast tofu cheese, and for those who do not I keep Sibiu sheep's cheese (preferably + an egg cut into quarters).

I think I was wrong, I shouldn't have written these recipes here.
Roxana Anca

# 7 T Irina 21734

# 8 Dana_P

# 9 Minodora

# 10 T Irina 21734

# 11 Dana_P

Irina, go here, you will find some ideas:

# 12 Higeia

"Brighten the days of your life, and they will no longer be what they are" Chateaubriand
Good luck Higeia

# 13 mamaruta

# 14 Lorraine

.. and I thought the polenta with salad was weird. and now I started eating but only with tomato salad.
foods that can be eaten with salad .. I think that any cooked food goes with salad. Or try soups or lettuce or spinach soups, or cream soups of vegetables and greens (here you can combine what you like).

Or try grilled fish. Let me tell you a recipe I saw in a magazine some time ago and I really like it.
Over freshly cut tuna fillets but thicker (must be at least 2 cm) is made on the grill sprinkled with a little oil. It must be done on one side and on the other hand to stay in the middle, done only in half (otherwise it dries very hard and is not so juicy). It is eaten with a very small tomato salad combined with a plant called Berros here - they are some plants with small leaves and a little sour (in English: Watercress, in French: Cresson). Just add salt, oil and lemon to both the salad and the fish.

How to fool the child to eat healthy

Including healthy foods in a child's daily diet, regardless of age, is an eternal struggle for his parents, especially since there are many attractions around that only do good to their health and figure. In many cases, the child already has culinary preferences that are not in the top of the healthiest foods and parents do not know how to proceed to introduce food from now on full of vitamins and minerals. The child is reluctant to change, especially when it comes to tastes that do not suit him.

But it is never too late, encourage us nutrition specialists and consultants, as reported on weightlossresources.co.uk. Here are some small "tricks" we can do for their own good, without the little ones realizing it, to our satisfaction.

& middot Add more vegetables to his favorite food, whatever it is & ndash for example, thin slices of mushrooms in his beloved spaghetti bolognese, or very finely chopped slices of red bell pepper or slices of tomatoes in mashed potatoes.

& middot Let him eat larger portions of vegetables he loves, such as peas, corn, small carrots.

& middot Mix the grated carrots with the Parmesan cheese that you use as a base for the sandwiches, the colors mix so you might not even notice the extra carrot.

& middot If you have no choice, buy sausages, sausages, but with little fat and prepare them anyway not just fried. It is ideal for grilling or on Teflon, on a lower heat, so that it melts and as much fat comes out of them. At the same time, you learn to make them at home the mixture for the hamburger meat that they like so much, based on beef, or the potatoes model & bdquowedges & rdquo that you choose with plenty of fast food. Simply wash the peeled potatoes thoroughly, cut them into suitable pieces, put them in olive oil and salt and bake them in the oven until they are soft inside and crispy on the outside. If you make them burgers at home, add finely chopped parsley, a little grated carrot and do not fry them in oil, but in a Teflon pan, grill or bake them in the oven.

& middot Buy the lower fat version for bagged french fries or biscuits or any product in a rusty bag and get the smallest bag available for sale.

& middot Add a handful of boiled barley, lentils or beans to the mixture of minced meat dishes & ndash children will not notice them in a stew or a mousse-type portion for example, especially since they will not be dominant.

& middot Buy their favorite juices in the sugar-free version, and if the children protest, find a way to put this sugar-free content in the standard bottle when they are not careful.

& middot If you can't get them to eat whole grain bread, at least try to give them white bread with cereal grains, instead of plain white bread, for sandwiches and toast.

& middot If at breakfast your child does not agree in any way to give up his favorite cereals wrapped in plenty of sugar, mix them with low-sugar cereals that are commercially available, or bran or rice cereals, so with any healthier model of cereal you can find. It works!

& middot Use whole grain pasta instead of white flour pasta that boils very easily and crumbles or sticks to the dish. When you prepare them with the specific tomato sauce for Bolognese pasta, for example, it is impossible to know whether or not they are white pasta.

& middot For children who still resist brown rice or wholemeal pasta, make a mixture of half white rice and half brown rice and the same for white pasta with whole grain pasta.

What tricks do you use successfully to give your child healthy food, without him realizing it?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Recipes from Kerei Calița's blog: Tochitura unbelievers

The first building of the Bucharest City Hall about which we have science and documents, was erected at the end of the reign of Alexandru Dimitrie Ghica, in the autumn of 1841, when the president of the city council was the cupbearer Scarlat Rosetti. The chosen place was next to today's Sfântul Gheorghe Square, where a long table was spread and not only the discussions about what the building will look like were dueled, but also the delicious tochitura with polenta and hot peppers next to Drăgășani yellow wines. The secret of the recipe was said out loud in applause.

Cut the meat and sausages into pieces so that they fit in your mouth, smell them with spices such as thyme, coriander, salt and pepper. They were weighed for 12 caterpillars, 1 kg of fresh pork sausages, 700 grams of beef, 700 grams of chicken breast, 700 grams of pork neck, which were browned in a saucepan with a thick bottom. , mirroring 200 ml of olive oil. Over the steaming meats, hardened enough, pour 400 ml of viscous tomato sauce and let it cook for another 5-7 minutes. Chopped garlic (only 2 heads), 4-5 bay leaves, peppercorns, salt, 200 ml of sweet white wine and half a liter of chicken or beef soup (what you have on hand) are arranged in the pan already half filled with steaming stew to take your mind. How hard the pan would be, he grabs the wavy handles and.