Dough with osanza

First we deal with the osanza, we had it in the freezer in bags of 1/2 kg each. I took out the bone, cut it into smaller pieces, did not let it thaw, passed it through the mincer and then mixed it with 2 tablespoons of flour.

In a larger bowl put 1 kg of flour, put the oil, vinegar and salt in the middle and then mix with warm water until it forms a crust that can be spread. We spread the crust in a rectangle, imaginarily divide it into 3 equal parts. On the first two parts we spread the osanza in a uniform layer, then we fold in the following way: we place the part without osanza over the part with osanza and over it comes the part with osanza. Then let it cool for about 15 minutes and start spreading the sheet upside down than we folded it. We proceed again with the packing now in the opposite direction and we stretch again, we repeat the process about 10-15 times, then we leave it cold and we use the dough for various cakes, tarts, etc.

I tried to explain the folding procedure through pictures, in case you didn't understand in writing

Cornulete Fragede with Osanza

The best Strawberry Shortcuts with Osanza! They are so tender that they melt in your mouth. The most fragile dough for croissants, tested in my kitchen and which guarantees success. Cornulete Fragede with Osanza

Preparation time:



Preparation instructions

Cornulete Fragede with Osanza. Strawberry Fritters with Osanza recipe

Preparation Filling & # 8211 mix the plum jam with walnuts and lemon peel.

Dough preparation

Put in a bowl: osanza at room temperature, egg yolks, vanilla sugar, powdered sugar, lemon juice, sour cream, a pinch of salt, lemon peel and rum essence.

Mix and add 200 g of flour.

Mix at maximum speed for 5 minutes.

Add the rest of the flour and mix until incorporated.

Cover the bowl with cling film and leave the dough to cool overnight.

Divide the dough into 13 pieces and spread them with flour.

The dough is divided into 8 equal parts & # 8211 see photo.

Place a teaspoon of filling on each side of the dough.

Roll the croissants and place them on a tray lined with baking paper.

Bake fringed croissants with osanza at 170C (preheated oven), 25 minutes.

We put them hot in a bag (paper) with vanilla powdered sugar.

We move them lightly, so that they are completely powdered.

Frying dough with lard like Grandma used to make

Tags: puff pastry dough, osanza dough, bread recipes. A simple recipe but with a great result. Even if we avoid too many calories, never a dough. Do you think half the amount of butter could be replaced with lard? Puff pastry dough (come).

Simple and tasty, it doesn't have to be kneaded much and it's economical. Simple and quick puff pastry recipe. Pies and croissants from homemade puff pastry.


1 / If you use osanza:
In order to be cleaned more easily, the osanza must be cold.
Clean it of bloody scratches and remove the skin. These are thrown away.
Pass the osanza twice through the meat grinder, using the disc with the smallest holes.
At the end, pass the 240 g flour through the mincer (in this way clean the mincer of grease).
Rub the two ingredients well until smooth and obtain a creamy paste.

2 / If you use lard and butter:
They must be at room temperature.
Mix them with flour, then rub well until you get a homogeneous and frothy "ointment".

Divide the greased dough into 5 parts and keep it at room temperature.

Mix eggs, salt, sour cream, sugar, flour, lemon juice / vinegar, then add a little mineral water / soda and knead until you get a fine dough, non-sticky, soft but elastic.
Spread on the floured table a rectangular sheet of dough with a thickness of 0.5 cm.
Grease ¾ the surface of the sheet with a part of the grease ointment, leaving 1/3 of the top ungreased.
Bring the long side from the top of the dough sheet (ungreased side) to the middle of the sheet.
Bring the bottom half over the first fold.
Fold the right side to half the length.
Bring the left side to the right, over the previous fold.
Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Proceed identically 4 more times (spread rectangular sheet, greased, folded, wrapped, left to cool for 30 minutes).
After the last packing, leave the dough in the fridge for at least 4 hours, but preferably in the evening until the next day.

• If the dough is very cold, the funny ones bake much better.

Spread the dough in a rectangular sheet the thickness of a little finger, otherwise it has nothing to open when baking.
Cut the edges around.
Cut squares 6x6 cm (if you want triangular ridges) or rectangles 6x9 cm (if you want rectangular ones) with a knife heated on the fire otherwise, you risk flattening or stretching the layers.
Place 1 teaspoon of jam in the middle of the squares / rectangles and wrap in the shape of a triangle / rectangle (like a book), without pressing.

• Just fold the dough over the filling, without pressing it.

Transfer the sponges funny in a tray lined with baking paper, with the opening towards the inside of the oven and with the side on which you put the filling down.

• Jokes grow a lot in the oven. In a normal oven tray, you can put a maximum of 16 pieces.

Bake the funny ones in the hot oven, on high heat, of 200 degrees C, in the first 5-10 minutes or until they open and grow, then reduce the heat to 180 degrees and leave them for another 20 minutes.

• Do not dry them too hard. It should not brown too much, just bake well.
• Keep the rest of the cut dough cold until it is placed in the oven.

Remove the funny ones from the oven and the tray and pass them immediately through the vanilla powdered sugar, then leave them to cool.
The jokes stay without problems for 2 weeks in a cooler place, keeping them just as good.


Haiosa is an incredibly good homemade puff pastry, a classic winter cake, a Hungarian specialty. Its name comes from the word "háj" which in Hungarian means osanza.
The plum magiun is used as the filling, but you can also use a sour jam (plum, apricot, etc.) or apricot jam with nuts or just the walnut or poppy filling, prepared like beigli.
In Transylvania and Banat, the jokes are traditionally prepared for the New Year (New Year's Eve). They are considered "bringers of luck and prosperity."

Many jokes come out of a portion, they are economical, they stay in the pantry without problems for 2 weeks, keeping them just as good.

The jokes are fully worth the work and effort, and the result will give you great satisfaction.
Not many housewives dare to make jokes.

I urge you to try the next recipe, especially since I propose a variant in which you do not necessarily have to use osanza and if you follow all the instructions given, I assure you that the funny ones come out just as good and without osanza.

Funny from mom, five years of blogging

Today marks five years since I blogged (thank you, Mr. George). During all this time, it has been visited over eight million times. Thank you for that. I don't have more to say, but I can answer your questions if you have any. My gift to you today is the funny recipe I know from my mother. Stay healthy.

This may be my favorite dessert. Of all the desserts I've eaten since I know myself, I mean. If you wake me up at three in the morning and give me a funny one made by my mother and filled with syrup (magiun, hey, but with plums), you can be sure that I will eat it as you can be sure that I will not tear you up because m -You woke up at three in the morning.

My mother made 60 funny things (the funny thing is a homemade puff pastry, incredibly good and without a term of comparison in the pastry shop in the supermarket or in the consumer confectionery) from one. Less than half survived the first 24 hours, at least a quarter disappearing into the night, with no trace, as if they weren't (well, faint traces of powdered sugar could be seen here and there, at a glance more careful). Now I know how to make my own jokes, but my mother's are also better.

My mother makes them like this: first she grinds 650 grams of unmelted lard. Remove the skins from it if they are and then mix the lard with 250 grams of flour. Then knead a dough of 650 grams of flour, four egg yolks, four tablespoons of vinegar and 300 milliliters of mineral water (plus-minus 50 milliliters, depending on how the flour requires it). The dough should be like pie or pancakes or donuts, not soft, not hard. The mother spreads the dough on the board, in a thin sheet, which she spreads from corner to corner with a third of the mixture of lard and flour. Fold the dough in half and again in two, from left to right and then from right to left. Leave it in the fridge for 20 minutes, spread it on the table again in a thin sheet and grease it with the second third of the lard mixture with flour. Repeat the folding, wait another 20 minutes and spread / grease / fold the dough again.

After another 20 minutes, spread the dough into a centimeter-thick sheet, cut the squares out of it, put a teaspoon of magiun on each square and then close the funny, either from corner to corner or bringing edge to edge. Bake the funny ones over high heat, to swell, to unravel. They're cooked in 20 minutes. After they cool, they powder them with sugar and try to keep them away from us, at least for a whole night.

Pigs in a mustard blanket with cereal honey


  • 1 lb. whole wheat pizza dough
  • 6 hot dogs
  • & frac12 whole grain mustard cup
  • 3 tablespoons Honey
  • 3 tablespoons ketchup
  • & frac14 teaspoon onion powder
  • Oil
  • 3 tablespoons melted butter, split
  • Sea salt
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Preheat the oven to 400 ° F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Let the dough stand at room temperature for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the hot dogs crosswise into 3 pieces. To make the sauce, mix the mustard, honey, ketchup and onion powder together in a small bowl.

Grease a large board with a thin layer of oil. Lightly roll out the dough into a thin 18 x 9 inch rectangle on the cut. (If it breaks, pinch the dough back.) Wrap evenly with 2 tablespoons of melted butter. Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut the dough into nine 2-inch strips. Slice each strip diagonally into long, thin triangles.

Place a piece of hot dog on the wide end of a triangle of dough. Roll tightly, then pinch the tip into the dough. Place on the baking sheet with the top of the dough up. Repeat with the remaining hot dogs and the dough, leaving at least 1 cm between them. Bake for 18 minutes, or until the bottom and edges of the dough are golden. Brush with the remaining melted butter and sprinkle with salt. Serve with mustard sauce.

Kitchen countertop

Make 18, serve 6. Per serving: 423 horsepower, 22g fat, 55 mg cabbage, 12g protein, 4 5g carbohydrates, 12g sugar, 5g fiber, 1424 mg sodium

Sincere apple pie

Why eat anything else when we can eat pie?

This season of snow, which is coming and not coming, seems to demand such preparations, as simple as they are good.

Even if it's a pie and even if for desserts I said before that we have to take into account the quantities very well, in this case we can relax a little (but a little and not so much that we don't have to do anything).

The dough is made simple. Mix on the robot or with a whisk 200 grams of butter at room temperature cut into cubes with 5 tablespoons of white sugar until it forms like a paste. Add a teaspoon of vanilla essence, 30 ml of brandy, a sachet of baking powder (about 10 grams), a pinch of salt, two eggs and 100 grams of whipped milk (or cream, whatever you want). After the new mixture is homogenized, add, gradually and slowly, one cup of flour (I used about 4 cups), until the dough is no longer sticky and peels off the walls of the bowl in which it is kneaded (do not put much flour from the beginning because you risk coming out a kind of adobe hard to stretch). Cut the resulting dough into two equal parts and spread them out in the shape of the oven tray you will use.

For the filling, clean and grate 2-3 kg of apples and put them in a pot on the fire with 6 tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of ground cinnamon. I hardened them until there was no more liquid on the bottom of the pot (they start to stick).

After I put the first sheet in the tray, I spread a spoonful of semolina, I put all the hardened apples, I put another spoonful of semolina, and then the next sheet. To make it easier for you, roll the sheet like a roll around the twister, from the bottom up, and when you place it in the tray, reverse the procedure / unroll.

I greased it with a yolk mixed with a spoonful of water (I like that shiny, cracked effect) and I drilled it with a fork (it is not obligatory but it helps the steam to come out). Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees (do the toothpick test) until golden brown.

Do not leave it too long because it dries excessively.

The apple pie is definitely one of my favorites, the tender dough combining wonderfully with the juicy apples.

Almost forgot. Don't forget to agree with the white of the snow and add plenty of powdered sugar and even ice cream. A LOT!

Cream and lard croissants - tasty

Dessert not missing from family meals. The recipe guarantees you some. Butter and cream croissants are one of my weaknesses, as are other traditional sweets. I have a few recipes on the blog, with yeast or. Very tender croissants with lard and cream is an old Russian recipe, from old notebooks with cake recipes. Fresh croissants with lard and cream filled with walnuts, shit or magiun. Hi, thanks for the recipe, but if we were to replace butter with lard, how many grams should we have? My recipe note: Answer. Rodica Granpier Recipes to try. Dough ingredients: 750 gr flour, 250 gr lard, 250 gr cream, 2 eggs. In a bowl, mix the lard with the salt, yolks and vanilla extract.

Add sour cream, mixing well. Cream and lard croissants - tasty, layered and tender to melt in your mouth! CORNULETE FRAGEDE With butter, with lard, with borscht, with and without sour cream :) Everything.

Funny, or delicious cakes from Transylvania

1. In a bowl, mix the ingredients from point I. and knead well until the dough comes off the fingers. Separately mix the osanza well with the 200 gr. flour. Both are covered with foil and put in the fridge.

2. Then spread a sheet of dough in a rectangular shape then grease with 1/3 of the mixture of osanza.

3. The sheet is then folded into 4. It is important to remember the order in which you fold the sheet (I do left-right, right-left, bottom-up, top-bottom).

4. Place the folded dough in a bowl sprinkled with flour and refrigerate ½ hour. After this time, spread the sheet again, grease it with another part of the fat mixture, fold it as before (in the same order) and put it back in the fridge for ½ hours.

Then repeat the operation with the third part of fat once more and leave it in the fridge for another hour before using it. I prepare the dough in the evening and only use it the next day.

5. Spread a rectangular sheet 1 cm thick (not thinner than that) and cut 3-4 cm squares with a hot knife several times on the flame (the hot knife will help that the layers do not stick together and when baked they will open nicely).

6. Put a teaspoon of magiun on each square and bend.

7. Place the obtained triangles in a tray lined with butter and flour or with baking paper and bake in the middle of the oven.

8. The strips should be baked in the preheated oven at 200 degrees C for 5-7 minutes, until the layers bloom, and then the temperature is reduced to 160 degrees C and bake until golden brown.

9. Then remove, leave to cool and serve powdered with vanilla powdered sugar in abundance.

The haiose recipe was proposed by kikenHana on the culinary forum.
Funny jokes they are served on a tray or platter at holiday tables.

Donuts from dough with butter or osanza

Donuts from dough with butter or osanza from: flour, eggs, butter or osanza, sugar, milk, rum, baking powder, salt, oil, powdered sugar.


  • 1/2 kg of flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons butter or fresh oats
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 cup milk (whey or yogurt)
  • 2-3 tablespoons of rum
  • 1 pack of baking powder
  • salt
  • 1 cup oil
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar

Method of preparation:

Rub the butter (if you have fresh bones, put caster sugar on top and rub vigorously with a wooden spoon), add the yolks one by one and the 3 tablespoons of sugar.

When you get a uniform cream, lightly salt. Add the flour and mix with the baking powder. Whisk the egg whites and pour over the cream. Pour the flour in the rain and mix, add warm milk or yogurt at room temperature, knead a soft dough.

Roll out the work surface, roll out the dough with a rolling pin to obtain a 2 cm thick layer. Heat the oil in a cauldron or tuci to the boil, cut round or crescent shapes from the dough and brown the donuts over a suitable heat. Remove from wipes.

Pass the donuts on the plate, powder with powdered sugar.

Serve hot or cold donuts with tea, compote or fruit jam.

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