Meringue with coffee filling

Meringue with coffee filling

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Ingredients for making meringues with coffee filling

Ingredients for Meringue with Coffee Filling:

  1. Protein 8 pcs.
  2. Sugar (powdered sugar) 2 cups
  3. Lemon juice 0.25 tea spoons

For filling:

  1. Cream cheese (or fat cottage cheese and cream) 130 g
  2. Instant coffee 2 teaspoon. spoons
  3. Hot water 2 tea. spoons
  • Main Ingredients Eggs
  • Serving 3 servings
  • World CuisineFrench Cuisine


Crockery, mixer or whisk, oven, parchment paper, pastry syringe (can be replaced with a bag or spoon)

Making meringues with coffee filling:

Step 1: Cook the meringues.

Before we start making this incredibly delicious dessert, remember binding ruleswithout observing which meringues will fail. “Perfectly pure proteins are needed, so be especially careful when you separate them from the yolks.” - Not only the slightest drop of yolk can interfere. Also, water or fat that has accumulated on the dishes in which we will whip can contribute to failure. Therefore, it is best to take a glass dry container. - Beat the best chilled proteins. Ready? Then let's get started! Our goal is to whip the proteins into a thick foam, gradually adding sugar (preferably icing sugar - it dissolves faster in proteins) and a few drops of lemon juice, which is necessary for better whipping of proteins. We make sure that water does not get into the bowl, otherwise the cookies will settle during baking. How to understand that a protein cream is ready? The foam should be bright white and so thick that when you turn the dishes with whipped squirrels, the foam should not move or leak.

Step 2: Preheat the oven and form a meringue.

When baking meringues, temperature is of great importance. Because "baking" in this case is not the right word - meringues are not baked, it is dried for a long time in the oven at low temperature. But while the oven is empty, it must be properly warmed up so that it gives uniform heat. Therefore, we achieve a mark in 150 degrees and again we return to meringue. On a baking sheet previously covered with parchment baking paper, use a pastry syringe or a tablespoon to spread the protein cream, as shown in the photo above. We place a baking tray with meringues in a heated oven, they should immediately rise. Let's wait for this moment and lower the temperature up to 80-100 degreesso that the cookies do not burn. Cooking time depends on the size of the meringue and the characteristics of the oven. As a rule, this is an hour and a half. It may take longer to dry. You can try meringues on the subject of cooking after this time, but remember - you can’t often open the oven, otherwise the heat will go away. Yes, and meringues will quickly end if you try often. Remember that cooked but still hot meringues remain soft. Therefore, you can leave them in the turned off oven until it cools down.

Step 3: Prepare the filling.

Dissolve coffee in water, stir well. Again, pick up the mixer and whip the cream cheese (or its alternative) with fine sugar. Add coffee water to the resulting foam and continue whipping.

Step 4: Ready meringues with coffee filling.

In the final step, we combine our cooled meringue with the freshly prepared filling. Everything is simple - take meringues, coat with cream and combine with its second half. Ready dessert can be sprinkled with cocoa, experiment! It remains only to bring it to the table and make tea! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you cook meringues in an electric oven, remember that the baking temperature in it is usually higher than in the gas oven, about 20 degrees

- - Baking paper can be replaced - instead, grease a baking sheet with butter as evenly and gently as possible, sprinkle with a thin layer of flour.

- - You can replace cream cheese with fat cottage cheese, as well as a mixture of fat cream with cottage cheese and a small amount of butter.

- - Ready meringues should be stored in a dry place. But the shelf life is not known - for a long time this cookie does not lie, no one can resist!