Dried carrots

Dried carrots

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Ingredients for Making Dried Carrots

  1. Carrots 2 kg.
  • Main Ingredients Carrot
  • Portioning 7-10
  • World Cuisine


Knife or peeler, Bowl, Coarse grater, Baking tray or dryer, Gauze bag or plastic bag

Cooking Dried Carrots:

Step 1: Prepare the carrots for drying.

Carrots are best dried young. It is she who has a sweet taste and is rich in useful trace elements. First you need to peel it and rinse thoroughly in water. After that, we dry the fruits naturally or soak them with paper towels. Next, rub the carrots on a coarse grater. We try to do this so that all slices of carrots are homogeneous both in thickness and in length. This is a fundamentally important point: moisture should evaporate evenly.

Step 2: Dry the carrots.

On a dry baking sheet (it can be covered with parchment for baking), spread the grated carrots in a small uniform layer. Also for these purposes, you can use a dryer and do it over a gas stove or use an electric dryer, if any, in your kitchen. The temperature for cooking carrots should be no more than 70 degrees. Time for preparing 2 hours. Periodically, pieces must be turned over and watched so that they do not burn. Ready carrots will significantly decrease in size and will also be very dry in appearance.

Step 3: Serve the dried carrots.

Cool the dried carrots completely, and then collect it in a gauze bag or plastic bag, but do not rush to tie it and put it in the cabinet. It is necessary to leave open the harvested carrots in a dry place, even in the sun. We withstand, thus, her 2 days, periodically shaking the bag so that the carrots roll over there. This is important to ensure that the product is dry and not moldy during storage. After following all these measures, carrots can be eaten or used in your culinary preparations. Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can store dried carrots for a very long time, but important requirements must be observed. First, keep it in a dry place. And for storage, both glass tanks and paper or plastic bags are suitable.

- - Dried carrots can be used both in their original form and for cooking. For example, adding a pinch of carrots to the broth or soup, you get a completely full dish. In addition, carrots, straightened during heat treatment, will give the dish a special taste and aroma.

- - By preparing dried carrots for yourself, you will save a lot of time in the future at the time of cooking. After all, it will already be peeled, grated and also cooked.


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