Lingonberry Jelly

Lingonberry Jelly

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Ingredients for Making Lingonberry Jelly

  1. Lingonberry fresh 8 cups
  2. Sugar 4 cups
  3. Purified water 3 cups
  4. Instant gelatin 50 grams
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 8 servings


Bowl, Sieve, Casserole - 3 pieces, Cooker, Tablespoon, Gauze, Jars, Kitchen sponge for washing dishes, Baking soda, Kettle, Kitchen potholders, Junk, Colander, Nylon covers, Parchment paper, Thread, Ladle, Portion plates or little bowls

Preparation of lingonberry jelly:

Step 1: prepare lingonberries.

We put cranberries in a bowl and sort it out manually. We remove the spoiled berries to the side, transfer to a sieve and rinse well under running water. Attention: it’s usually best to use fresh berries to make jelly. If you have frozen berries, then before preparing the dessert they should be thawed to room temperature, while not using a microwave or hot water.

Step 2: prepare the gelatin.

To prepare jelly, you can use gelatin in plates or in powder. If gelatin is used in the form of plates, then first soak it in cold boiled water. If we use gelatin powder, then first we dissolve it in a pan with warm water, and then put it on a small fire, and continuously stirring the mixture with a tablespoon, heat it to a temperature 60 ° - 80 ° C. Then filter the solution through cheesecloth. It is very important not to boil the gelatin, as in this case it will not thicken. If it is immediately filled with hot water, then it may stick together and lumps may appear in it.

Step 3: prepare the jars.

Before we prepare lingonberry jelly, prepare the container. To do this, take jars and thoroughly rinse them with baking soda. Then, several times, thoroughly rinse the cans under warm running water, and then pour over boiling water from the kettle. Attention: In order not to get burned, adhere to safety precautions during this procedure.

Step 4: prepare the lingonberry jelly.

Transferred and washed berries to a deep pan and lightly pour them from the kettle with boiling water. Carefully, holding the container with kitchen tackles, drain the liquid, but not completely, leaving a little boiling water at the bottom of the container. Then, using the flea crush, we knead the lingonberries well to a puree state. Attention: This procedure should be performed carefully, as the berries are very sprayed with juice.

Put the colander on the pan and cover it with gauze. Then pour the lingonberry puree into cheesecloth and, using a tablespoon, once again press well on it. When all the berry juice drains into the pan, collect the cheesecloth with the remaining lingonberry cake and again manually carefully squeeze the remaining juice out of it into a container. After this, we remove the cake from gauze and discard it. We get about 5 glasses of cranberry juice.

Add sugar to the same container and put it on medium heat. After the juice boils, make a small fire. Constantly stirring the liquid with a tablespoon, boil the juice until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then pour in a stream of warm gelatin and without ceasing to interfere with the mixture, cook it for a few more minutes on low heat. After we turn off the fire and leave the pan with liquid to cool.

When the jelly has cooled slightly, pour it into prepared jars. On top of the jar, you can close the capron lid or parchment paper, bandaging it with a thread. When the lingonberry jelly has cooled to room temperature, put it in the refrigerator. According to the consistency, this dessert will not finally harden, but simply turn out to be very thick, like jam.

Step 5: serve the lingonberry jelly.

Serve jelly from lingonberries can immediately after cooking, just let it cool slightly. To do this, using a ladle, pour it into portioned plates. On top of our dessert, you can decorate with fresh berries or whipped cream. If you have prepared dessert for the winter, then leave it in the refrigerator. After this time, we take lingonberry jelly from the refrigerator, pour it into a small bowl and enjoy it with a cup of tea.

This dessert can be spread on slices of bread and treat children and adults.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- Cans with cranberry jelly can be stored for a very long time in the refrigerator. Therefore, our dessert is not only a great treat, but also a great cure for colds and flu.

- If you add some spices in jelly, for example, cloves or cinnamon, then the dessert aroma will become much brighter and more saturated.

- Instead of sugar, honey can be added to lingonberry juice during the preparation of jelly.