Vinaigrette with salted mushrooms

Ingredients for Salmon Mushroom Vinaigrette

  1. Beetroot 500 g.
  2. Potato -500 g to taste
  3. Carrot 150 g
  4. Pickles 150 g.
  5. Red bow -1 goal. taste
  6. Salted mushrooms 200 g.
  7. Sunflower oil 100 ml.
  8. Table vinegar 40 ml.
  9. Black pepper (to taste).
  • Main ingredients: Potato, Beetroot, Mushrooms
  • Serving 4 servings


Saucepan, Kitchen board, Cooker, Knife, Cutting board, Bowl, Spoon

Making vinaigrette with salted mushrooms:

Step 1: boil the vegetables.

Rinse vegetables thoroughly, then put them cooked all together, except for onions. Cook vegetables until they are easily pierced with a knitting needle. Cook in its uniform (directly in the peel).

Step 2: chop the vegetables.

After boiling the vegetables, let them cool, then cut into a small dice. Also do with cucumbers.

Step 3: chop the mushrooms.

Since salted mushrooms are slippery, it is not so easy to cut as fresh ones, but you still need to try, if they are certainly not small, by themselves. Rinse them lightly under wastewater, chop finely.

Step 4: chop the onion.

Peel the onion, peel with boiling water (this will give additional sweetness) and then chop as finely as possible.

Step 5: mix the ingredients.

After cutting the ingredients, pour them into a bowl and mix thoroughly, but gently, then pour with vinegar and sunflower oil and mix everything together again and do not forget to pepper and salt to taste, cut a bunch of green onions.

Step 6: serve to the table.

Vinaigrette goes well with meat and not only dishes, for example, a good addition to cereals. Before you start to eat it, let it infuse for about an hour in a cool place. Put it in a dish, and sometimes you can just put it in a beautiful bowl, decorate it with greens, lemon slices and then serve it to the table. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Use when filling vinaigrette sunflower oil with a natural aroma, which will complement the taste of the salad.

- - Make sure that the ingredients are not digested during cooking, because when slicing it is not very convenient to cut them, they will simply crumble. This is especially true for potatoes.

- - Increase, if necessary, in proportion to the ingredients for a larger volume of salad.