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Minestrone Ingredients

  1. Broth (chicken) 1.5 l.
  2. Potato 2 pcs.
  3. 1 carrot
  4. Bulgarian pepper (red) 1 pc.
  5. Zucchini (or zucchini) 1 pc.
  6. Tomatoes 1 pc.
  7. Cauliflower 200 g.
  8. Broccoli 200 g.
  9. Celery (sprigs) 1-2 pcs.
  10. String beans (green) or canned 300 g.
  11. Green peas 150-200 g.
  12. Onion, 1 pc.
  13. Garlic 2-3 cloves
  14. Pasta (small / optional) 200 g.
  15. Parmesan cheese (to taste) 50 g.
  16. Greens to taste (parsley, dill) to taste
  17. Provencal herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary, cheber, sage, basil) to taste
  18. Vegetable oil 3 tbsp. l
  19. Salt to taste
  20. Black pepper (to taste) to taste
  • Main ingredients: Beans, Zucchini, Pasta
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Cooker, Saucepan, Cutting Board, Sharp Knife, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Serving Dish

Minestrone preparation:

Step 1: Prepare the vegetables.

Since I had chicken stock prepared in advance, now I had to rinse all the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. In this case, tomatoes need to be poured with boiling water and peeled, and only then cut into pieces. It is better to cut potatoes into 2x2 cm cubes. And Bulgarian pepper must be cleaned from seeds in advance. I like to use green beans, so soup seems easy with it, but if you don’t have the opportunity to buy it, you can safely use canned beans, or boil raw in advance. After all the vegetables are chopped, proceed to their preparation.

Step 2: Cook the vegetables.

We put a pan on the fire, pour the vegetable oil, then when the oil is hot, add onions, followed by carrots, then celery and after everything is browned until golden, add garlic, which will give the soup an incredible flavor.

Next, pour the broth and wait for it to boil.

Step 3: Cook the minestrone.

After the broth has boiled, add the potatoes and after 5-7 add the pasta.

After another 5-7 minutes, add cauliflower, broccoli, bell pepper, green beans, zucchini and cook for 5 - 7 minutes. If you have canned beans, then you need to add it at the very end, of course, without brine.

After that, add chopped tomato and Provencal herbs to taste. Do not forget to salt.

Now we cook everything over low heat until the vegetables are ready (you can taste it). And at the very end we add greens.

To make the soup more fragrant, remove the pan from the heat, cover with a lid and wait 5 minutes. The soup is ready.

Step 4: Serve the minestrone.

Serve the minestrone to the table immediately after it is ready. Arrange the soup on plates and to enhance the taste, rub a little bit of Parmesan cheese on top. The dish is ready! Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- After you cut the onions into cubes, pour boiling water over it, leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse in cold water. This will remove the bitterness from the onion.

- You can add pasta to the soup, for example, if your family has children who often don’t like the very kind of boiled vegetables.

- If you plan to use dried beans, then you need to soak it in advance and cook for several hours.

- To enhance the taste, you can use black pepper and ginger. Then the soup will get an island flavor.

- Nutritionists claim that the ministrone contains few calories. Therefore, this soup is recommended for those who are on a diet.


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