VIDEO: José Andrés Sits Down at the Chef’s Table Part 4

VIDEO: José Andrés Sits Down at the Chef’s Table Part 4

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In the fourth installment of At the Chef’s Table with José Andrés, The Daily Meal’s video producer, Ali Rosen, talks with the chef about his philanthropic work and what’s next for him.

Andrés is known for being an ardent supporter of a number of causes. He explains, "I am a firm believer that food is at the heart of what humanity is, and food, if you think about it, is everything." And the chef is dedicated not only to advocating for social betterment in the United States, but internationally as well. He notes, "It happens that as committed as I am to making sure that my neighborhood is stronger through empowering people, I realize there are other parts of the world that need our help even more. So when the earthquake hit in Haiti, I visited eight times and I created World Central Kitchen with the same philosophy — make food to be an agent of change, make food that empowers people."

In terms of what’s next on the horizon for chef Andrés, he says, "I’m in the process of opening in Puerto Rico, and I’m in the process of signing deals in other towns to be announced. But I’m thinking more and more in the 360. I’m trying to go where I want to be five to 10 years from now, so I’m very happy for example that I’m part of the International Culinary Institute in New York, because I go so often to New York that its important I have something there, and instead of having a restaurant, what a better idea than to be part of a school?"

Rosen asks, "Has it been amazing for you to see how Spanish cuisine has developed in this country since you arrived here?" Andrés replies, "Yes, I’m very fascinated, but aiming low is easy, aiming low is usually achievable, but I don’t mind to aim high and not get there — but the higher you aim for, you’re always going to end up so much higher than where you ever dreamed, so I will always recommend that people aim higher and dream bigger, I don’t want anyone to look back and say they didn’t try to reach for the stars."

Check out more from chef José Andrés in the video above and stay tuned for upcoming installments of this series.

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