Best Food News on the Web: 05/2/2014

Sure, it's been a busy week. So you may have missed some of the great stories put out by The Daily Meal's talented editors and their fantastic special contributors. But you wouldn't want to head into the weekend having missed some of the best food stories on the Web. So here's a second serving of some of the great food and drink stories that you definitely shouldn't have missed.


Can We Possibly Eliminate Food Altogether? Rob Rhinehart swears by his creation, but critics think he's gone too far.

You Need to See This Adorable Hamster Eating a Mini Burrito Someone made a miniature table and chair for a hamster to sit upon while munching on a wee little gourmet burrito.


America's Best Supermarkets You told us, we listened: your picks for the best grocery stores.

8 Secrets for Cooking Perfect Bacon Find out tips for cooking the best bacon ever!


Citrus Hummus Recipe Mix in some bright citrus to add flavor to your hummus.

Chaat Masala Recipe Chaat masala is a salty, tangy seasoning used in popular Indian snack foods.


50 Best Tacos in America These aren’t just tacos, they’re works of culinary art.

11 Restaurants and Bars that Let You Pay with Bitcoins Only carrying virtual currency? No problem!


The Most Expensive Cocktails in the World These drinks would set most of us back a month's rent.

Jamba Juice Secret Menu: The Ultimate Guide Bored with your order? Try one of these!


Food Pyramids Around the World Many countries use their own version of the "Food Pyramid" as a guide to healthy, nutritional eating.

Outrageously Fattening Foods Around the World These global foods take the calorie count to the extreme!


20 Most Influential Moms in Food We salute these super-moms.

10 Foods That Are Better Than Therapy These foods will make you smile.


Taste of the Nation Raises Money for No Kid Hungry Chefs at New York City's Taste of the Nation are thrilled to give back to the community and raise money for children in need.

How to Make a Kentucky Oaks Lily The Oaks Lily is the signature drink of the Kentucky Oaks, which takes place the day before the Kentucky Derby.


Cookie Butter S’Mores Dip Try this recipe from Cupcakes & Kale Chips!

Avocado BLT Egg Salad Try this recipe from Lexi's Clean Kitchen!


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Chicken Shami Kebab Recipe

About Chicken Shami Kebab Recipe: When it comes to starters, Chicken Shami Kebab is one of the best non-vegetarian snacks to be served. You will not only love eating it, but also enjoy cooking this quick snack. Shami kebabs are succulent minced chicken/lamb with chana dal with spicy masala filling inside and crispy fried on the outside. Serve it with coriander or mint chutney,