Burnt sugar cream with tropical fruits

Burnt sugar cream with tropical fruits

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The 150 g of sugar are caramelized with a few drops of water in a thick bowl and over low heat. With the caramel obtained, line the bowl in which we are going to prepare the dessert.

Beat eggs very well with the rest of the sugar and the essences are thinned with warm milk, then the mixture is poured over the caramel. Pour the fruit from the compote, but without syrup. Put the dish in the oven until the cream binds.

Serve cold.

Burnt sugar ice cream with fruit

Burnt sugar ice cream with fruit. I present to you a semifreddo creme brulee without baking. Steamed, on the stove and then frozen. The caramel cream, of burnt sugar that is made in our country is not crème brûlée but rather a custard with caramel (I'm talking about the overturned one). The crème brûlée and consistency is different (it has liquid cream in it) and it also has caramel in the shape of a crispy crust on the surface.

So as not to bore you and believe that a heavy and twisted recipe follows, with many expensive or rare ingredients, I will tell you from now on that you only need eggs, sugar, natural whipped cream and vanilla (or tonka). And one more thing: this recipe that I present to you is one WITHOUT BAKING! Cook in 20 minutes and let cool.

I read on the forums stories about the failures of each other when they tried to make crème brûlée. Spongy creams, cracked, too liquid, too sticky, discussions about bain marie, rags and newspapers placed at the bottom of the tray with water, large shapes and small ramekins for baking & # 8230o an entire epic. Here I offer you a shortcut that still requires a little fire & # 8211 but on the stove (la bain marie). I have nothing against raw eggs and I use them in mayonnaise or tartar, but in this case I steamed them at 80-85 C to bind.

Another problem of mine related to caramel creams (flan or crème brûlée) is that they seem too sweet. It doesn't seem to spoil some sour and cool fruits. That's why I combined this cream without baking with some cherries, raspberries and red currants. Fresh!

What I prepared here is actually a vanilla ice cream base which I poured into a fruit form, cooled and caramelized on the surface. Then I froze it. Simple!

Tropical fruit muffins

MiniChefs bring us a new recipe, this time muffins with tropical fruits. It is an easy recipe to prepare, which children can also prepare, with a little supervision.
Muffins they are perfect for the package, for a snack and you can even take them to a picnic. Children's birthdays will be more delicious with such goodies.
Tropical fruits can also be replaced with pineapple or favorite fruits.

Baked sugar cream without oven

Who doesn't love burnt sugar cream? In our family, everyone loves her. This simple pudding, made from only three main ingredients - eggs, sugar and milk - is incredibly delicious.

When this dessert was invented and who its author is, it is not known. What is certain is that, after the years 1960-1970, it became extremely popular in Europe, with most restaurants having it on the menu, mainly due to the fact that it is an extremely convenient dessert: it is cheap, quick to prepare and can be prepared with long in advance and stored in the refrigerator until serving.

His name varies: the French call him Caramel cream the Americans and the Spaniards tell him Flan the English tell him Caramel Custard and the Romanians - Creme brulee. The recipe I had from my mother was quite laborious: I had to separate the eggs, beat the egg whites, first mix the egg yolks with sugar, add a tablespoon of flour, and the cream formed a lot of foam, because of the meringue that incorporated plenty of air and the final product had practically three layers: caramel, cream and a layer of foam. It was very good, but we especially liked the caramel syrup and the coagulated cream (pudding), less the foam layer.

So I started applying the simple and quick recipe used in restaurants. And, after seeing the Portuguese cook Pudim Abbot of Priscos (it is a traditional dish, which resembles burnt sugar cream, and is cooked in a pot with a lid, on the stove, not in the oven), I tried to make the burnt sugar cream on the stove and it came out very well.

So, I present you the recipe for a delicious, simple dessert (from just a few common ingredients, which everyone has at home), easy to make (no oven, no special techniques) and, if you don't have Ramekin dishes, you definitely have them at home thick-walled coffee or tea cups, in which you can prepare this dessert without any problems.

Ingredients for Apple cake and burnt sugar cream, old recipe, step by step

  • Ingredient for caramel:
  • 20ml water
  • 300g old
  • Ingredients for burnt sugar cream
  • 10 whole eggs
  • 200g old
  • 800ml milk
  • 1 vanilla essence
  • Countertop ingredients
  • 100g flour .. 140g sugar .. 30g cocoa 4 tablespoons Oil and 4 Eggs.

You need 6 eggs, 600 ml milk, 100 g sugar, seeds from a vanilla pod or a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon grated orange peel, plus 150 g sugar for caramel

First mix whole eggs with sugar using a food processor or mixer.

Add vanilla seeds or vanilla extract, grated orange peel and then milk.

Set the mixture aside and put 150 g of sugar in a saucepan to caramelize.

When it turns golden, turn off the heat and divide the caramel into individual shapes or into a baking tray.

Allow the caramel to cool slightly, then pour in the milk composition.

Put the burnt sugar cream in the oven, at 180 degrees, for 30-40 minutes, until it thickens well.

Then leave them to cool and put the forms in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

Pour the burnt sugar cream on the plate and serve with a little whipped cream or fruit.

And now let's enjoy the extraordinary taste of this delicious dessert! I hope you try my burnt sugar cream recipe too.

New Year's Eve recipes: Burnt sugar cream

For the festive New Year's Eve meal, a refined, elegant and easy dessert for digestion is welcome. We therefore recommend burnt sugar cream.

Ingredient Burnt sugar cream ::

8 eggs, 200 g sugar, 1 l milk, 150 g caster sugar for caramel, 1 vanilla sugar.

In a bowl, caramelize the caster sugar until it becomes a copper color. Do not let it darken too much because the sugar will have a bitter taste!
Take small heat-resistant shapes and line the bottom of each one, inside. Leave to cool for 10 minutes, until you hear the sugar crackle.

During this time, beat the eggs with a pinch of salt, add the caster sugar and vanilla sugar, then the milk.
With the help of a polish, we pour from this composition in each shape, close to the edge.
Place all the shapes (10-12 pieces) in a tray, then fill the tray with hot water until half the shapes.
Carefully place the tray in the preheated oven and bake for 45 minutes.

After baking (on the surface the cream is a little copper and you can see how it coagulated), let the forms cool for 15 minutes at room temperature, then keep them cold for an hour.
With a knife, pass the edge of the forms, then suddenly turn each cream on its plate.

At the new Philips Multicooker I am attracted by the 2 functions, the possibility to prepare yogurt and keep the food warm until it is served!

Burnt sugar cream can be served with whipped cream, ice cream or burnt sugar ornaments!

Pin on cook cakes

Separately mix whole eggs, then pour the milk over the eggs and. English translation & # 8211 examples in. Suddenly, Michael realizes he doesn't want burnt sugar cream. Your favorite cake with burnt sugar cream.

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Put 6 tablespoons of sugar in a large, round pan and melt until it caramelizes and rotates the pan so that this caramel covers the walls of the pan, but handle everything carefully, because it is hot! Leave the pan aside to cool.

Separately, in a deep bowl, beat the eggs well with the 3 tablespoons of sugar, to which, optionally, you can add vanilla seeds, if you have them. Add warm milk with the powder. Do not put it all at once, so that it does not cheese. He fights all the time.
Put the mixture in the pan in which I caramelized the sugar earlier, which in the meantime has cooled and put it in the preheated oven, on the right heat, until it turns brown (about 30 minutes).

When removed from the oven, add the rum essence and leave to cool to room temperature. After it has cooled, pour it into a deep bowl, then put it in the fridge.

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