Boston Hosts First-Ever Food Truck Throwdown

Boston Hosts First-Ever Food Truck Throwdown

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Boston and New York City food trucks battle for the title of top food truck city

Rev up your engines and your appetites! Notable food trucks from both Boston and New York City are competing in a day-long, mouthwatering Food Truck Throwdown on Saturday, Oct. 13 at Boston's Dewey Square from 11 a.m to 9 p.m.

Seven New York City food trucks will be battling it out against seven Boston food trucks. The event was created by Sara Ross, the founder of Boston’s Kickass Cupcakes.

Online voters were able to determine which food trucks from each city would compete. The Boston contenders are Bon Me, Kickass Cupcakes, Lobsta Love, Mei Mei Street Kitchen, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Staff Meal, and The Cookie Monstah. Representing New York are Fishing Shrimp, Bian Dang, Big D’s Grub, Mike ‘N Willie’s, The Munchie Mobile, Nuchas, and Wafels & Dinges.

To decide which city wins, a panel of local celebrity judges, including Emmy Award-nominated entertainment reporter Jenny Johnson, are selecting the champion. Admission to the Food Truck Throwdown is free.

Who will win the title for reigning food truck city: Boston or NYC?

Tayler Stein is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @TaylerSteinTDM.

How to make the perfect Manhattan cocktail

On Thursday, January 28 at 7 p.m., Boston.com Cocktail Club host Jackson Cannon and special guest Sabrina Kershaw will make cocktails with rye whiskey. Melissa Ostrow

updated on February 2, 2021

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Bartender Will Isaza predicts the future of Boston bars and restaurants

When I first stepped behind a bar I didn’t really know anything about classic cocktails, or what a classic cocktail even was to be honest. I thought I would make some drinks, make some money and probably move on, and well, that was 17 years ago. About four years in I found myself diving head first into the world of bartending, classic cocktails, and the history of everything booze related. One of the first “real drinks” most bartenders learn to make is the Manhattan, and it’s a drink that really has stuck with me through my whole career.

You could very well ask 10 different bartenders at 10 different bars for this same cocktail, and get 10 very different drinks. That was one of the reasons this cocktail has always piqued my interest. I wanted to know where it actually originated, and what are the ideal ingredients and proportions. I thought it was a drink that really encompassed the cocktail culture and the resurgence of cocktail bars that was happening in Boston at the time. The first time I put my name on an original cocktail, it was a Manhattan variation.

There are a few different stories about where and when this cocktail was first created, and no one claims to know with a 100% certainty what the real story is. What is almost universally decided on is that it was created in New York City sometime in the late 1800s (between the 1870s and 1880s) and was most likely made with rye whiskey, although it is now commonly made with bourbon.

Like most cocktails, the foundation starts with quality ingredients. Many recipes call for a much larger amount of whiskey to vermouth, but I prefer a 2:1 ratio, and I think you will find that if you use good whiskey and vermouth, this recipe will yield a delicious, and well-balanced cocktail.

The last thing to think about when preparing this recipe is your bitters and garnish. Angostura bitters is classic and for good reason, although a nice twist on the recipe is a few dashes of orange bitters or perhaps a couple dashes of each. The maraschino cherry is the most recognizable garnish, I suggest a Luxardo cherry if the cherry is your garnish of choice. A lemon or orange twist is another garnish route and can brighten up the cocktail in a nice, subtle way. This is easily one of the most timeless classics, and with the right ingredients and a few steps, it’s a great go-to for at home cocktail enthusiasts. Cheers!


Each show includes a mini-biography about the chef who is to be challenged, shown before the challenge takes place. The content for the biography is actually collected as part of an elaborate ruse or setup, where the chef or cook is told that they are going to be featured on a fictitious Food Network show. As part of the show, the featured chef (and their associated restaurant, if any) hosts a small party, which is then unexpectedly "crashed" by Bobby Flay. Upon Flay's arrival, he reveals the true nature of the show, and the "Throwdown" is initiated.

In the Food Network's test kitchen, Flay and his two sous-chefs (Stephanie Banyas and Miriam Garron) experiment and prepare the particular dish, often opting for a variant of the dish.

When Flay makes his appearance at a rival's event, he is usually greeted with surprise and confusion, although there has been one occasion where the challenged chef figured out that Flay would be appearing for a throwdown and ended up challenging him. Flay's comment was that he "had been set up." [1] However, the rival usually quickly gets over the initial shock and warms up to the challenge. After the dishes are prepared, the two chefs taste each other's creations and are usually quite complimentary towards one another. Finally, the dishes are evaluated by one or more connoisseurs or notable veterans in that field (via a blind taste test), with the winner then being announced.

Each episode ends with a challenge from Flay looking directly into the camera and saying, "All you chefs keep doing what you do, but ask yourself this. " Finished by the featured chef saying "are you ready for a Throwdown?"

The format of the show does not edit or disguise Flay's lack of knowledge of technique regarding cooking for the challenge. He often makes use of New York City-area experts to teach him basic techniques. In other instances, he acknowledges the traditional approach to the dish but then explains how he will make it more modern or more his own style of cooking with various added ingredients.

Flay's record is 32 wins, 1 tie, and 68 losses. Flay has a winning record (5 wins and 4 losses) with cake challenges, winning throwdowns for cheesecake and cupcakes in season 2, coconut cake and red velvet cake in season 5, and German chocolate cake in season 6. Flay lost throwdowns for wedding cake in season 1, Bûche de Noël in season 5, and Carrot cake and Pineapple Upside-down cake in season 8.

During season 3 of the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly, a show called "Food Fight" on the fictional "Food TV" channel parodied "Throwdown!" with faux celebrity chef/host Ricky Flame (a play on Bobby Flay's name) challenging Carly, Sam, and Freddie to a cook-off over his spaghetti tacos. Following the format of "Throwdown!", Carly and her friends were led to believe they were being featured on a "Food TV" program when Ricky Flame surprised them with the throwdown. [2]

During season 27 episode 2 of the Simpsons, Scotty Boom from the Chew Network challenges Homer to an "Eatdown. [3] "

Season 1 Edit

Episode Show number Food Chef Restaurant Location Winner
1 BT0101 Chowder Benjamin Sargent Hurricane Hopeful Surf Bar Brooklyn, New York Bobby Flay
2 BT0102 Wedding cake Michelle Doll Michelle Doll Cakes Brooklyn, New York Michelle Doll
3 BT0103 Chili Cindy Reed Wilkins Cin Chili & Company Houston, Texas Tie
4 BT0104 Jerk chicken Angela Shelf Medearis Austin, Texas Angela Shelf Medearis
5 BT0105 Steak Eric Dominijanni Twentynine Palms, California Eric Dominijanni
6 BT0106 Breakfast Lynn Winter Lynn's Paradise Cafe Louisville, Kentucky Lynn Winter
7 BT0107 Burgers Susan Mello Queens, New York Bobby Flay
8 BT0108 Jambalaya Emile Stieffel New Orleans, Louisiana Emile Stieffel
9 BT0109 Cocktails Tobin Ellis Las Vegas, Nevada Bobby Flay
10 BT0110 Doughnuts Mark Israel Doughnut Plant New York City, New York Mark Israel
11 BT0111 Cheesesteak Tony Luke, Jr. Tony Luke's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tony Luke
12 BT0112 Ice cream Jeff Sommers Izzy's Ice Cream Saint Paul, Minnesota Jeff Sommers
13 BT0113 Fried chicken Jasper Alexander Hattie's Restaurant Saratoga Springs, New York Jasper Alexander
14 BT0114 Barbecue Butch Lupinetti Mount Laurel, New Jersey Butch Lupinetti
15 BT0115 Pizza Giorgio Giove Brother's Pizzeria Staten Island, New York Giorgio Giove

Season 2 Edit

Episode Show number Food Chef Restaurant Location Winner
1 BT0201 Chocolate Fritz Knipschildt Chocopologie / Knipschildt Chocolatier Norwalk, Connecticut Fritz Knipschildt
2 BT0202 Bulos Flavored Ice Cream Keith Young New York City, New York Keith Young
3 BT0203 Meatloaf Jack and Rocco Collucci Collucci Brother's Diner Hyannis, Massachusetts Jack and Rocco Collucci
4 BT0204 Macaroni and cheese Delilah Winder Delilah's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bobby Flay
5 BT0205 Fish and chips Mat Arnfield A Salt and Battery New York City, New York Mat Arnfield
6 BT0206 Cheesecake Alan Rosen Junior's Brooklyn, New York Bobby Flay
7 BT0207 Cuban roast pork Roberto Guerra Roberto Guerra
8 BT0208 Spare ribs Buz Grossberg Buz and Ned's Richmond, Virginia Buz Grossberg
9 BT0209 Cupcakes Terri Wahl Auntie Em's Kitchen Eagle Rock, California Bobby Flay
10 BT0210 Hot dogs Richard, Gloria, and Beverly Pink Pink's Hot Dogs Hollywood, California Bobby Flay
11 BT0211 Buffalo wings Drew Cerza The Anchor Bar Buffalo, New York Drew Cerza
12 BT0212 Sticky buns Joanne Chang Flour Bakery Boston, Massachusetts Joanne Chang
13 BT0213 Hot browns Joe and John Castro Brown Hotel Louisville, Kentucky Joe and John Castro

Season 3 Edit

Episode Show number Food Chef Restaurant Location Winner
1 BT0301 Crepes Nessa Higgins & Andrea Day Boykin Flip Happy Crepes Austin, Texas Nessa Higgins & Andrea Day Boykin
2 BT0302 Puffy tacos Diana Barrios-Trevino La Hacienda/Los Barrios San Antonio, Texas Diana Barrios-Trevino
3 BT0303 Jerk ribeye Nigel Spence Ripe Kitchen and Bar Mount Vernon, New York Nigel Spence
4 BT0304 Chicken fried steak 1 Paula Deen Uncle Bubba's Oyster House Savannah, Georgia Paula Deen
5 BT0305 Pie Janet LaPosta & Ally Taylor Pie Moms Rockland, Maine Bobby Flay
6 BT0306 Crab cake Mitch Weiss The Lobster Dock Boothbay Harbor, Maine Bobby Flay
7 BT0307 Muffuletta Mike and Jack Serio 2 Serio's Deli New Orleans, Louisiana Mike and Jack Serio
8 BT0308 Blondies Tom Finney and Mark Ballard Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties Columbus, Ohio Tom Finney and Mark Ballard
9 BT0309 Meatballs Mike Maroni Maroni Cuisine Northport, New York Mike Maroni
10 BT0310 Ice cream sundae Julia Reynolds Ice Cream Man Greenwich, New York Bobby Flay
11 BT0311 Lasagna Mark Bove Bove's Café Burlington, Vermont Bobby Flay
12 BT0312 Turkey and dressing Renee Ferguson Geneva, Illinois Bobby Flay
13 BT0313 Gingerbread Johanna Rosson Macomb, Illinois Johanna Rosson

^Note 1 : Highlights aired on Paula's Party
^Note 2 : Jack Serio died soon after this episode aired. [4] A remembrance graphic appeared at the end of the program.

Season 4 Edit

Episode Show number Food Chef Restaurant Location Winner
1 BT0401 Biscuits and jam Carol Fay Loveless Cafe Nashville, Tennessee Bobby Flay
2 BT0402 Ice pops Irma and Norma Paz Las Paletas Nashville, Tennessee Irma and Norma Paz
3 BT0403 Chocolate chip cookies Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald Levain Bakery New York Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald
4 BT0404 Eggplant parmesan David Greco Mike's Deli Bronx, New York David Greco
5 BT0405 Chicken and waffles Melba Wilson Melba's Harlem, New York Melba Wilson
6 BT0406 Pretzels The Pretzel Boys The Pretzel Boys Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bobby Flay
7 BT0407 Arroz con pollo Jorge Ayala La Fonda Boricua New York Jorge Ayala
8 BT0408 Grilled cheese sandwich The Pop Shop The Pop Shop Collingswood, New Jersey Bobby Flay
9 BT0409 Dumplings Sohui Kim The Good Fork Red Hook, New York Sohui Kim
10 BT0410 Pulled pork Lee Ann Whippen Wood Chicks BBQ Chesapeake, Virginia Lee Ann Whippen
11 BT0411 Arepas Maribel and Aristides Barrios Caracas Arepas Bar Manhattan, New York Maribel and Aristides Barrios
12 BT0412 1 Grilled pork tenderloin
vegetable skewers
grilled whole fish
Butch Lupinetti
Delilah Winder
Nigel Spence
Tobin Ellis
Miami, Florida Bobby Flay

^Note 1 : A special "Rematch on the Grill" episode featuring 3 former Throwdown contestants. Ellis showed up at the Throwdown itself to challenge Flay separately.

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    - host of Chopped - host of Cooking For Real - Iron Chef, chef/owner of Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca, and host of Molto Mario and Ciao America - competitor on The Next Iron Chef, chef and owner of August Restaurant (New Orleans, Louisiana) - Olympic figure skater and host of What Would Brian Boitano Make? - host of Good Eats, "Cutthroat Kitchen" and Iron Chef America, and author of Good Eats 2: The Middle Years - former restaurant critic New York Times, author Born Round - sous chef on Iron Chef America, host ofSecrets of a Restaurant Chef, and co-host of Worst Cooks in America - entrepreneur/restaurateur, and host of Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello - host of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, and chef/owner of Scarpetta (New York/Miami/Toronto/Beverly Hills) and D.O.C.G. Enoteca (Las Vegas) - Iron Chef Iron Chef America - The Next Food Network Star winner, and host of Ten Dollar Dinners - martial-artist/actor, and chairman of Iron Chef America - Host Paula's Home Cooking, Paula's Best Dishes, and Paula's Party - host of Everyday Italian andGiada at Home, TV judge onThe Next Food Network Star - chef/author of Now Eat This! Diet, winner of James Beard Award - host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy's Big Bite, and chef/owner of Johnny Garlic's and Tex Wasabi's (California) - Iron Chef, host of The Next Food Network Star and Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, chef/owner of Mesa Grills in New York, Las Vegas and Bahamas - host of The Great Food Truck Race and Tyler's Ultimate - host of Barefoot Contessa - TV judge on 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, senior editor Saveur Magazine - host Kid in a Candy Store - pastry chef/owner Charm City Cakes, and host of Ace of Cakes and Sugar High - chef/host on Alex's Day Off, Iron Chef on "Iron Chef America", and TV judge on Chopped, executive chef of Butter Restaurant (New York) - host Dinner: Impossible, and Restaurant: Impossible, co-hostWorst Cooks in America
  • Dick Cummings - host Crave, senior editor Riviera Magazine - TV judge The Next Iron Chef, Iron Chef UK, executive chef Playboy Club (London) - host Healthy Appetite - host on Essence of Emeril and Emeril Live - host on Nigella's Kitchen - host on Semi-Homemade Cooking and Sandra's Money Saving Meals - TV judge The Next Iron Chef, and "Iron Chef America" author Eat My Globe and Gina Neely - Hosts Down Home with the Neelys - TV judge Cupcake Wars, founder Sprinkles Cupcakes (Los Angeles, California) - Host Naked Chef and Jamie at Home - TV judge on Ultimate Recipe Showdown, chef/owner Kefi (New York) - chef and owner ofSpago (Los Angeles) - host of 30 Minute Meals and $40 a Day - host of 5 Ingredient Fix - co-host on Chefs vs. City, TV judge Chopped, executive chef/owner Centrico (New York) - celebrity chef, and author of Relaxed Cooking With Curtis Stone - host on Unwrapped and host/judge onUltimate Recipe Showdown - Iron Chef, chef/owner Lola Lolita (Cleveland, Ohio) - chef/host Dessert First with Anne Thornton - host "Simply Ming", chef/owner Blue Ginger (Wellesley, Massachusetts), Blue Dragon (Boston, Massachusetts) - host Mexican Made Easy - host Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on Travel Channel
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Burnt Ends on Bun Duff Goldman Gates Bar-B-Q Kansas City, Missouri
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Beef Marrow and Oxtail Marmalade Anne Burrell Blue Ribbon New York, NY
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Banana Cream Pie Adam Gertler Bandera Los Angeles, California
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Eggs Benedict Sunny Anderson Upstairs On the Square Cambridge, MA
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Ebelskivers Aarón Sánchez Shopsin's New York, NY
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Toasted Ricotta Gnocchi Danny Boome Jane Bistro New York, NY
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Canolli Alex Guarnaschelli Caffe Dante New York, NY
Pilot EV0100 Pilot Guinea Hen Ted Allen Restaurant Guy Savoy, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV
1 EV0101 Totally Fried French Fries Bobby Flay Balthazar New York, NY
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Deep Fried Hot Dog Alex Guarnaschelli Rawley's Drive In Fairfield, Connecticut
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Fried Shrimp Heads Duff Goldman Joss Sushi Annapolis, MD
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Made To Order Donuts Giada De Laurentiis Lola Seattle, WA
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Tempura Bacon (Discontinued) Ted Allen The Red Cat (Closed) New York, NY
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Spicy Pork Rinds Michael Symon Publican Chicago, IL
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Fried Brussel Sprouts Aarón Sánchez Lolita Cleveland, OH
1 EV0101 Totally Fried Mofongo Guy Fieri Benny's Seafood South Miami, FL
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Beef Brisket Ted Allen North Main BBQ Euless, TX
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Chicken Adam Gertler Dinosaur Bar B Que Syracuse, NY
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Shrimp Alex Guarnaschelli Pascal's Manale New Orleans, LA
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Tyler Florence Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous Memphis, TN
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Pork Ribs Delilah Winder Ronnie's Ribs, Wings and Other Things Richmond, VA
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Beef Ribs Michael Symon Daisy May's (Closed) New York, NY
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que Baked BBQ Pork Buns Chris Cosentino Yank Sing San Francisco, CA
2 EV0102 Bar-B-Que BBQ Combo Plate and BBQ Beef Ribs Duff Goldman and Bobby Flay The Salt Lick Driftwood, TX
3 EV0103 With Bacon Bacon Burger Guy Fieri Hodad's San Diego, CA
3 EV0103 With Bacon Office Burger Adam Gertler Father's Office Los Angeles, CA
3 EV0103 With Bacon House Smoked Bacon Flatbread Aida Mollenkamp Nopa San Francisco, CA
3 EV0103 With Bacon Salumi Cone Tyler Florence Boccalone Salumeria San Francisco
3 EV0103 With Bacon Bacon Apple Maple Donuts Chris Consentino Dynamo Donut and Coffee San Francisco
3 EV0103 With Bacon BLT Ted Allen Choice Market Brooklyn, NY
3 EV0103 With Bacon Angry Mussels Delilah Wilder JCT Kitchen Atlanta, GA
3 EV0103 With Bacon Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar Duff Goldman Animal Los Angeles
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush CMP (Chocolate Marshmallow and Peanuts) Duff Goldman Woodberry Kitchen Baltimore, Maryland
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Sam's Sundae Aida Mollenkamp Bi-Rite Creamery San Francisco
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Toasted Marshmallow Shake Michael Symon Stand (Closed) New York, NY
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Chocolate Bar Dessert Cat Cora Tru Chicago, IL
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Golden Delicious Apple Tart Alex Guarnaschelli Al Forno Providence, RI
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush S'Mores Sandra Lee Luna Park Los Angeles, CA
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Pecan Pie John T. Edge Brigtsen's Restaurant New Orleans, Louisiana
4 EV0104 Sugar Rush Chocolate Hazelnut Purse Giada De Laurentiis Riva Restaurant Santa Monica, California
5 EV0105 Pizza Arugula and Parmesan Pizza Ted Allen Graziella's Brooklyn, NY
5 EV0105 Pizza Sausage Patty Style Pizza Duff Goldman Gino's East Chicago
5 EV0105 Pizza Yukon Gold Potato Pizza Alex Guarnaschelli Five Points New York, NY
5 EV0105 Pizza Breakfast Pizza Adam Gertler Little Dom's Los Angeles
5 EV0105 Pizza Rosa Pizza John T. Edge Pizzeria Bianco Phoenix, Arizona
5 EV0105 Pizza Chocolate Pizza Aarón Sánchez Max Brenner New York, NY
5 EV0105 Pizza Margherita Pizza Marc Summers Osteria Philadelphia, PA
5 EV0105 Pizza Roasted Chanterelles Truffle Cheese Pizza Tyler Florence Serious Pie Seattle, WA
6 EV0106 Obsessions Stone Crabs Bobby Flay Joe's Stone Crab Miami, FL
6 EV0106 Obsessions Creamy Rice Aarón Sánchez Zarela New York, NY
6 EV0106 Obsessions New York Strip Steak Cat Cora Lucky's Montecito, CA
6 EV0106 Obsessions Fried Buffalo Wings Aaron McCargo Jr. The Jug Handle Inn Cinnaminson, NJ
6 EV0106 Obsessions Linguini With Clams And Mussels In Saffron Broth Danny Boome Tree Bistro New York, NY
6 EV0106 Obsessions Kumamoto Oysters Tyler Florence Hog Island Oyster Co. San Francisco, CA
6 EV0106 Obsessions Triple Coconut Cream Pie Delilah Wilder Ritz Seafood Voorhees, NJ
6 EV0106 Obsessions Lemon-Scallion Dungeness Crab Cakes Giada DeLaurentiis Dahlia Lounge Seattle
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast Bobby Flay Café 222 San Diego, California
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Cinnamon Rolls Ted Allen Ann Sather Chicago
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes Aida Mollenkamp BLD Los Angeles, CA
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Wicked Spicy Hot Chocolate Giada De Laurentiis Jacques Torres New York, NY
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call The Chop and Chick Guy Fieri Matt's Big Breakfast Phoenix, Arizona
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Pasta Mama Susan Feniger Hugo's Los Angeles
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Corned Beef Hash Michael Symon Big Al's Diner Cleveland, OH
7 EV0107 Wake Up Call Huevos Montelenos Duff Goldman Golden West Café Baltimore, MD
8 EV0108 Between Bread Polish Boy Michael Symon Seti's Truck Cleveland, Ohio
8 EV0108 Between Bread Classic Bánh Mì and Pork Chop Bánh Mì Anne Burrell and Aarón Sánchez Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches New York, NY
8 EV0108 Between Bread Steakburger Marc Summers Steak 'n Shake Various locations
8 EV0108 Between Bread #19-Pastrami Sandwich Adam Gertler Langer's Deli Los Angeles
8 EV0108 Between Bread Bacon and Marmalade Sandwich Chris Cosentino Prune New York, NY
8 EV0108 Between Bread Cheese Steak Aaron McCargo Jr. Carmen's Deli Bellmawr, New Jersey
8 EV0108 Between Bread Cheese Steak Aaron McCargo Jr. Yellow Submarine Maple Shade Township, New Jersey
8 EV0108 Between Bread Godmother Sandwich Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery Santa Monica, California
8 EV0108 Between Bread 52Chaps Submarine Guy Fieri and Duff Goldman Chap's Pit Beef Baltimore, Maryland
9 EV0109 With My Hands Fried Chicken Guy Fieri Uncle Lou's Memphis, TN
9 EV0109 With My Hands Panzarotti Aaron McCargo Jr. Panzarotti Pizza King Camden, NJ
9 EV0109 With My Hands Sliders (Cheeseburgers) Michael Psilakis White Manna Hackensack, NJ
9 EV0109 With My Hands Dip Sum Donuts Marc Summers Buddakan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9 EV0109 With My Hands Deviled Eggs and Devils on Horseback Danny Boome The Spotted Pig New York, NY
9 EV0109 With My Hands Tacos Aarón Sánchez Chico's Tacos El Paso, Texas
9 EV0109 With My Hands Chocolate Coconut Cupcake Alex Guarnaschelli Joan's on Third Los Angeles, CA
9 EV0109 With My Hands Pupusa Mary Sue Milliken Sarita's Pupuseria Los Angeles, CA
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy An's Famous Garlic Noodles Duff Goldman Crustacean Beverly Hills, CA
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Salmon Rillettes (Rillettes Aux Deux Saumons) Tyler Florence Bouchon Yountville, CA
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Spicy Broccoli Cat Cora Olives, W Hotel New York, NY
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Carne Asada a la Oaxaqueña Alex Guarnaschelli Frontera Grill Chicago, IL
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Orecchiette Michael Pslakis I Trulli New York, NY
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Roasted Cauliflower and Wild Mushroom Soup Aaron McCargo Jr. Bolete Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Warm Sea Urchin with Dungeness Crab Aida Mollenkamp Anchor & Hope San Francisco
10 EV0110 Filled With Envy Shanghai Lobster Sandra Lee Chinois on Main Santa Monica, CA
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV201 Holiday Barbecue Alton Brown Beachcomber BBQ & Grill St. Simons Island, Georgia
1 EV201 Holiday Seafood Cobb Salad Tyler Florence The Rotunda at Neiman-Marcus San Francisco
1 EV201 Holiday Elvis Panini Claire Robinson The Patterson House Nashville, TN
1 EV201 Holiday Pannetone Milanese Giada de Laurentiis Emporio Rulli Larkspur, CA
1 EV201 Holiday Saffron Bigoli with Duck Ragou Art Smith Boka Restaurant Chicago, IL
1 EV201 Holiday Warm Indian Pudding Alex Guarnaschelli The Colonial Inn Concord, MA
1 EV201 Holiday Pernil Aarón Sánchez Casa Adela New York, NY
1 EV201 Holiday Peking Duck Duff Goldman Peking Gourmet Inn Falls Church, VA
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Umami Giada De Laurentiis Umami Burger Hollywood, CA
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Cosmic Dog Alton Brown Jack's Cosmic Dog Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Sweet Potato Cobbler Pat Neely and Gina Neely Alcenia's Memphis, Tennessee
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Stuffed Quahog Duff Goldman Marshland Sandwich, Massachusetts
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Pasta Bolognese Ina Garten Vine Street Cafe Shelter Island, NY
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Spinach Pizza Adam Gertler Chefs of New York East Northport, NY
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Hash Sunny Anderson Duke's Bar B-Que Orangeburg, SC
2 EV202 Hometown Favorites Kale Soup Emeril Lagasse St. John's Club Fall River, MA
3 EV203 Cheesy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ina Garten E.A.T. New York, NY
3 EV203 Cheesy French Onion Soup Beau MacMillan Zinc Bistro Scottsdale, Arizona
3 EV203 Cheesy Cheeseburger Ryan D'Agostino Shady Glen Dairy Manchester, Connecticut
3 EV203 Cheesy Macaroni and Cheese Sunny Anderson Cafe des Artistes Los Angeles, CA
3 EV203 Cheesy Cheese Fondue Rocco DiSpirito Artisanal Bistro New York, NY
3 EV203 Cheesy Cheese Souffle Alex Guarnaschelli Le Goulue Bal Harbour, FL
3 EV203 Cheesy Crabmeat Au Gratin John Besh Bon Ton Cafe New Orleans, LA
3 EV203 Cheesy Lasagna Verde Giada De Laurentiis Angelini Osteria Los Angeles, CA
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Egg and Pork Belly Confit Tyler Florence Bottega Yountville, California
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Kouing Aman Pat Neely and Gina Neely Les Madeleines Salt Lake City, Utah
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Caesar Salad Alex Guarnaschelli Pietro's New York, NY
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Fried Country Ham Alton Brown The Dillard House Dillard, GA
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Tsar Nicoulai Sampler Aarón Sánchez Tsar Nicoulai, Ferry Building San Francisco, CA
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Sweet and Salty Brownie Claire Robinson Baked Brooklyn, NY
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Cyprus Breakfast Ryan D'Agostino Kanella Philadelphia, PA
4 EV204 Salty Goodness Beef Jerky Michael Symon Czuchraj Meats Cleveland, OH
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Leg of Beast Aarón Sánchez Incanto (Closed) San Francisco, CA
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Bar-B-Q Beef Sandwich Cat Cora Cold Spring Tavern Santa Barbara, CA
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Roast Suckling Pig Adam Gertler Amada Philadelphia, PA
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Lamb Shank Duff Goldman Sardinia Enoteca Restaurante Miami Beach, FL
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Costina Anne Burrell Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto New York, NY
5 EV205 Meat-Fest The No. 7 Half Chicken Ted Allen No. 7 Brooklyn, NY
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Italian Beef and Sausage Sandwich Ray Lampe Joe Boston's Italian Beef Chicago, IL
5 EV205 Meat-Fest Large Format Feast (Spring Goat) Michael Symon Resto New York, NY
6 EV206 Snack Attack Pickles Ted Allen McClure's Pickles Troy, MI
6 EV206 Snack Attack Halfsteak Nachos (Discontinued) Anne Burrell Craftsteak New York, NY
6 EV206 Snack Attack Donut Muffin Candace Nelson Downtown Bakery Healdsburg, CA
6 EV206 Snack Attack Fish Tacos Curtis Stone Paia Fish Market Paia, HI
6 EV206 Snack Attack Short Rib Tacos Adam Gertler Kogi BBQ Los Angeles, CA
6 EV206 Snack Attack Shrimp and Heirloom Tomato Pizzette Art Smith Socca Chicago, IL
6 EV206 Snack Attack Lamb Skewers Alex Guarnaschelli A.O.C. Los Angeles, CA
6 EV206 Snack Attack Bar Nuts Giada De Laurentiis Union Square Cafe New York, NY
7 EV207 Chocolate Chocolate Pudding Alton Brown Hominy Grill Charleston, SC
7 EV207 Chocolate Chocolate Souffle Alex Guarnaschelli Etats-Unis (Closed) New York, NY
7 EV207 Chocolate S'More Pie Tyler Florence Buckeye Roadhouse Mill Valley, CA
7 EV207 Chocolate Enchiladas de Mole Poblano con Pollo (Chicken Mole) Duff Goldman Loteria Grill Los Angeles, CA
7 EV207 Chocolate Creme Brulee Chocolate Claire Robinson Kee's Chocolates New York, NY
7 EV207 Chocolate Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies Rocco DiSpirito Levain Bakery New York, NY
7 EV207 Chocolate White Chocolate Flan Art Smith May Street Bakery Chicago, IL
7 EV207 Chocolate Chocolate Tasting Menu Aarón Sánchez Jean Georges New York, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Onion Rings Duff Goldman Akasha Culver City, CA
8 EV208 Crunchy Fried Chicken Michael Psilakis Blue Ribbon at Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Indonesian Corn Fritters Brian Boitano E&O Trading Company San Francisco, CA
8 EV208 Crunchy Peach Raspberry Crumb Pie Alex Guarnaschelli Beach Bakery Cafe Westhampton Beach, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Egg Rolls Claire Robinson Chinatown Brasserie New York, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Caramel Corn Candace Nelson Arclight Cinemas Los Angeles, CA
8 EV208 Crunchy Black Bass Ted Allen Le Bernardin New York, NY
8 EV208 Crunchy Flo's Fried Clam Roll Chris Cosentino Flo's Clam Shack Middletown, Rhode Island
8 EV208 Crunchy Fresh Fish and Chips Beau MacMillan Flo's Clam Shack Middletown, Rhode Island
9 EV209 The Classics Chicken Pot Pie Giada De Laurentiis WoodSpoon Los Angeles
9 EV209 The Classics Banana Cupcakes Ted Allen Butter Lane New York, NY
9 EV209 The Classics Mashed Potatoes Robert Irvine Parc Philadelphia, PA
9 EV209 The Classics Chili Dog Marc Summers Carneys Los Angeles, CA
9 EV209 The Classics Blackened Louisiana Drum Aarón Sánchez K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen New Orleans, LA
9 EV209 The Classics Meatloaf Ina Garten The 1770 House East Hampton, NY
9 EV209 The Classics Prime Rib Brian Boitano House of Prime Rib San Francisco, CA
9 EV209 The Classics Veal Parmigiano Emeril Lagasse Il Vagabondo New York, NY
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Gravy Frites Michael Symon The Greenhouse Tavern Cleveland, OH
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Bread Pudding Sunny Anderson Mother's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Clam Chowdah Beau MacMillan Cabby Shack Plymouth, MA
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Strip House Chocolate Cake Michael Psilakis Strip House Steak House New York, NY
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Quiche Lorraine Donatella Arpaia Bouchon Bakery New York, NY
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Surf and Turf Claire Robinson Restaurant Iris Memphis, Tennessee
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Bar B Q Pizza Lisa Lillien Pete and Sam's Restaurant Memphis, Tennessee
10 EV210 Guilty Pleasures Baltimore Bomb Pie Duff Goldman Dangerously Delicious Pies Baltimore, MD
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Hot and Spicy Crab Tyler Florence Penang Garden San Francisco
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Jambalaya Pasta Pat Neely and Gina Neely Raz'z Bar and Grill Nashville, Tennessee
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream Ryan D'Agostino Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Columbus, Ohio
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Crying Tiger Pork Curtis Stone Jitlada Los Angeles
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Shrimp and Swordfish Curry Ina Garten Loaves & Fishes Sagaponack, New York
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Rice Noodles with Hominy, Kimchi, and Spicy Pork Broth Art Smith Urban Belly Chicago
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Shrimp Cocktail Ray Lampe St. Elmo's Steak House Indianapolis, IN
11 EV211 Hot and Spicy Mircha Ka Salan Ted Allen Devi New York, NY
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Sage and Bleu Cheese Guacamole Michael Symon Lopez Southwestern Kitchen Cleveland, Ohio
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Deep Fried Candy Bar Sunny Anderson A Salt & Battery New York, NY
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Eggs Rose Cat Cora D'Angelo Bread Santa Barbara, California
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Prosciutto Ice Cream Chris Cosentino Humphry Slocombe San Francisco, CA
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Liverwurst Michael Psilakis The Modern New York, NY
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Soutzoukakia Aaron McCargo Jr. Evvia Estiatorio Palo Alto, California
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Glazed Eel Claire Robinson The Monday Room New York, NY
12 EV212 Totally Unexpected Fried Black-Eyed Peas Alton Brown Relish Roswell, Georgia
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection SRG Eskimo Bars Giada De Laurentiis Snake River Grill Jackson Hole, WY
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Liliko'i Creme Brulee Marc Summers Mama's Fish House Paia, HI
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Lemon Ice Box Pie Cat Cora Crystal Grill Greenwood, MS
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Fire and Ice Ceviche Curtis Stone Ola @ The Sanctuary Hotel Miami Beach, FL
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Ice Cream Sandwich Donatella Arpaia Piatianni Ristorante Brooklyn, NY
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Egg Salad Sandwich Adam Gertler Euro Pane Pasadena, CA
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Fluent in French Toast Rice Pudding Lisa Lillien Rice to Riches New York, NY
13 EV213 Chilled Perfection Lobster Roll Duff Goldman PJ's Family Restaurant Wellfleet, MA
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV301 Grilled Mongolian Pork Chop Bobby Flay Mustard's Grill Napa, CA
1 EV301 Grilled Grilled Oysters Adam Gertler Drago's Seafood Restaurant Metairie, LA
1 EV301 Grilled Australian Lamb Chops Ted Allen Rathbun's Atlanta, GA
1 EV301 Grilled Tomahawk Chop Duff Goldman Lonesome Dove Western Bistro Fort Worth, TX
1 EV301 Grilled Grilled Filet of Beef with Crusted Coffee Adobado Michael Chiarello RDG Grill + Bar Annie Houston, TX
1 EV301 Grilled Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs Beau MacMillan Chosun Galbee Los Angeles, CA
1 EV301 Grilled Grilled Diver Scallops Cat Cora The Ranch House Ojai, California
1 EV301 Grilled Pork Rib Tips Guy Fieri Tom's Bar B Q & Deli Memphis, Tennessee
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Sticky Buns Bobby Flay Flour Bakery & Cafe Boston, Massachusetts
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Spicy Sweet Potato Fries Cat Cora Beano's Cabin Avon, CO
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Grilled Cheese with Short Ribs Adam Gertler The Foundry on Melrose Los Angeles, CA
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Toro Tartare Duff Goldman Morimoto New York, NY
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Boudin Sausage Chris Cosentino Cochon Butcher New Orleans, LA
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Whole Roasted Chicken Alex Guarnaschelli Craigie on Main Cambridge, MA
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Red Wattle Country Chop Frank Bruni Vinegar Hill House Brooklyn, NY
2 EV302 Simply Irresistible Crab Cioppino Guy Fieri Duarte's Tavern Pescadero, CA
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Pierogi Michael Symon Sokolowski's Cleveland, OH
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Shrimp Po Boy Alex Guarnaschelli Domilise's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Boston Cream Pie Beau MacMillan Omni Parker House Boston, MA
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Pimento Cheese with Flatbread Tyler Florence Magnolias Charleston, SC
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Cheesesteak Marc Summers Tony Luke's Philadelphia, PA
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Shore Dinner Michael Psilakis Young's Lobster Pound Belfast, ME
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Musubi Aida Mollenkamp Mana Bu's Honolulu, HI
3 EV303 Regional Favorites Hot Wieners Guy Fieri Olneyville NY System Providence, RI
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Concrete (Frozen Custard) Bobby Flay Ted Drewes Saint Louis, Missouri
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth PB&J Doughnut Pat Neely and Gina Neely Doughnut Plant New York, NY
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Passion Fruit Trifle Robert Irvine Atlantic Seafood Company Alpharetta, Georgia
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Vanilla Cream Meringue Cake (Meringata Alla Crema) Claire Robinson Cipriani New York, NY
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Nutella Crepe with Strawberry and Banana Beau MacMillan FlipHappy Crepes Austin, Texas
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Sant Ambroeus (Chocolate Mousse Cake) Rocco DiSpirito Sant Ambroeus New York, NY
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Double Pain Au Chocolat David Myers Tartine Bakery San Francisco
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Popcorn and Peanuts Michael Symon Michael's Genuine Miami, Florida
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Tangerine Creamsicle/Homemade Poptarts Scott Conant Michael's Genuine Miami, Florida
4 EV304 Sweet Tooth Homemade Poptarts Frank Bruni Michael's Genuine Miami, FL
5 EV305 Burgers Cheeseburger Bobby Flay J.G. Melon New York, NY
5 EV305 Burgers Buffalo Style Burger Crunchified Claire Robinson Bobby's Burger Palace Paramus, NJ
5 EV305 Burgers Cricket Burger with Green Chili Aarón Sánchez The Cherry Cricket Denver, CO
5 EV305 Burgers Phat Burger with Bacon and Cheese Tyler Florence Pearl's Phat Burgers Mill Valley, California
5 EV305 Burgers Double Cheeseburger Anne Burrell Holeman & Finch Public House Atlanta, Georgia
5 EV305 Burgers Chargrilled Lamb Burger Frank Bruni The Breslin New York, NY
5 EV305 Burgers The Original Burger Geoffrey Zakarian Louis' Lunch New Haven, CT
5 EV305 Burgers Farmhouse Veggie Burger Duff Goldman Farm Cafe Portland, OR
6 EV306 Appetizers Lasagnette con Ragu di Crostacei Bobby Flay Bartolotta Las Vegas, NV
6 EV306 Appetizers French Onion Soup Dumplings Claire Robinson The Stanton Social (Closed) New York, NY
6 EV306 Appetizers Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake Adam Gertler Jacques-Imo's Café New Orleans, LA
6 EV306 Appetizers Popovers Tyler Florence BLT Steak New York, NY
6 EV306 Appetizers Egg Yolk Carpaccio Scott Conant Sra. Martinez Miami, FL
6 EV306 Appetizers Hot Potato Cold Potato Ted Allen Alinea Chicago, IL
6 EV306 Appetizers Calamari Melissa d'Arabian Purple Café and Wine Bar Kirkland, WA
6 EV306 Appetizers Burgundy Snails Duff Goldman Charleston Baltimore, MD
7 EV307 In a Bowl Hand Pulled Noodles with Beef Guy Fieri Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodle New York, NY
7 EV307 In a Bowl Chorizo-Stuffed Dates Chris Cosentino Avec Chicago, IL
7 EV307 In a Bowl Potato Gnocchi with Blue Crab and Périgord Truffle Aarón Sánchez Restaurant August New Orleans, LA
7 EV307 In a Bowl Tiramisu a la Mexicana Robert Irvine Lolita Philadelphia, PA
7 EV307 In a Bowl Ukrainian Borscht Ted Allen Veselka New York, NY
7 EV307 In a Bowl Organic Granola with Fruit and Straus Organic Yogurt Tyler Florence Cafe Fanny Berkeley, California
7 EV307 In a Bowl Mushroom Miso Soup Alex Guarnaschelli Miyake Restaurant Portland, Maine
7 EV307 In a Bowl Chili Sunny Anderson Real Chili Milwaukee, WI
7 EV307 In a Bowl Chili Duff Goldman National Coney Island Detroit, Michigan
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Tyler Florence Muir Woods Trading Company Cafe Mill Valley, California
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Lau Lau Sunny Anderson Kaaloa's Super J's Captain Cook, Hawaii
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Falafel Omelet Hoagie Robert Irvine A&M Halal Philadelphia, PA
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Sizzling Bacon Michael Psilakis Peter Luger Steak House Brooklyn, NY
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Paris Texas Tacos Adam Gertler Good To Go Tacos Dallas, TX
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Burger Cat Cora The Hitching Post II Buellton, California
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Kalamata Beau MacMillan Queen Creek Olive Mill Queen Creek, Arizona
8 EV308 Hidden Treasures Fried Chicken Ted Allen Table 52 Chicago
9 EV309 Sauced Spaghetti Ted Allen Scarpetta New York, NY
9 EV309 Sauced Sticky Toffee Pudding with Bourbon Ice Cream Claire Robinson Colt and Gray Denver, CO
9 EV309 Sauced Hanger Steak with Agrodolce Sauce Alex Guarnaschelli FIG Charleston, SC
9 EV309 Sauced Rib Tips Aarón Sánchez Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt Atlanta, GA
9 EV309 Sauced Comeback Sauce Cat Cora Mayflower Cafe Jackson, MS
9 EV309 Sauced Linguini with Clams Michael Psilakis Don Pepe's Vesuvio Ozone Park, NY
9 EV309 Sauced Duck in Red Peanut Mole Sauce Michael Chiarello Topolobampo Chicago, IL
9 EV309 Sauced Fish with Tamarind Sauce Duff Goldman Ambassador Dining Room Baltimore, MD
10 EV310 With Fruit Green Papaya Salad Chris Cosentino Out The Door San Francisco, CA
10 EV310 With Fruit Apple Strudel Aida Mollenkamp Schmidt's San Francisco
10 EV310 With Fruit Candied Orange Peel/Chocolate Pat Neely and Gina Neely Cristina's Restaurant Ketchum, Idaho
10 EV310 With Fruit Poco Carretto Fruit Sorbet Melissa d'Arabian Cafe Juanita Kirkland, Washington
10 EV310 With Fruit Bananas Foster Cake Jeff Henderson Bradley Ogden Las Vegas, NV
10 EV310 With Fruit Guava Pastries Aarón Sánchez Versailles Miami, FL
10 EV310 With Fruit Fried Pineapple-Wrapped Speck Michael Chiarello Frasca Boulder, Colorado
10 EV310 With Fruit Duck Breast with Fruit Compote Ted Allen Locanda Vini & Olli Brooklyn, NY
11 EV311 Sliced Colatura Di Alici Pizza Rachael Ray Motorino Brooklyn, NY
11 EV311 Sliced Olallieberry Pie Marc Summers Linn's of Cambria Cambria, CA
11 EV311 Sliced Gyro with Feta Cream Sauce Cat Cora Keifers Restaurant Jackson, MS
11 EV311 Sliced BLT Salad with Fried Green Tomatoes Aarón Sánchez The Olde Pink House Savannah, Georgia
11 EV311 Sliced Gaspe Nove Michael Psilakis Russ & Daughters New York, NY
11 EV311 Sliced Smetannik (Sour Cream Cake) Alex Guarnaschelli Bakery La Brioche Cafe New York, NY
11 EV311 Sliced Grilled Mushroom Stack Frank Bruni O-Ya Restaurant Boston, Massachusetts
11 EV311 Sliced Charcuterie de la Maison Duff Goldman Church & State Los Angeles
12 EV312 Last Supper Chef's Pasta Tasting Menu Michael Symon Vetri Ristorante Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12 EV312 Last Supper Oysters and Pearls Cat Cora French Laundry Yountville, California
12 EV312 Last Supper Lobster Tail & Sfogliatella Alex Guarnaschelli Ferrara Bakery New York, NY
12 EV312 Last Supper Pressed Duck (Discontinued) Ted Allen Daniel NYC New York, NY
12 EV312 Last Supper Chopped Pork BBQ Sandwich Claire Robinson Paynes BBQ Memphis, TN
12 EV312 Last Supper Pizza Rocco DiSpirito Umberto's of New Hyde Park New Hyde Park, New York
12 EV312 Last Supper Pan-Fried Chicken Simon Majumdar Stroud's Restaurant & Bar Fairway, Kansas
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Lime Fizz Michael Symon Velvet Tango Room Cleveland, Ohio
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Grapefruit Margarita Claire Robinson Barrio Chino New York, NY
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Lobster Scallion Shooters Melissa d'Arabian Abacus Dallas, Texas
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Irish Coffee Tyler Florence The Buena Vista Cafe San Francisco
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Kyoto Ice Coffee Chris Cosentino Blue Bottle Coffee Company Oakland, California
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Gin Blossom Ted Allen Clover Club Brooklyn, NY
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Herbaceous Mojito Anne Burrell Daddy O's Bar New York, NY
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Chocolate Soda Marc Summers The Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Philadelphia, PA
13 EV313 Best Thing I Ever Drank Egyptian Egg Soda Duff Goldman The Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Philadelphia, PA
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV0401 Close to Home Harvest Pizza Rachael Ray The Harvest Queensbury, NY
1 EV0401 Close to Home Char Dog Ted Allen The Wiener's Circle Chicago, IL
1 EV0401 Close to Home Beef Machaca Aarón Sánchez Kiki's Mexican Restaurant El Paso, Texas
1 EV0401 Close to Home Whole Branzino Roasted in Sea Salt Wolfgang Puck Angelini Osteria Los Angeles
1 EV0401 Close to Home Coconut Layer Cake Anne Burrell Smith & Wollensky New York, NY
1 EV0401 Close to Home Peppered Beef Sandwich Marc Summers Shapiro's Deli Indianapolis, Indiana
1 EV0401 Close to Home English Muffins Michael Chiarello Model Bakery St. Helena, California
1 EV0401 Close to Home French Onion Soup Guy Fieri Cricklewood Santa Rosa, California
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck French Dipped Sandwiches Wolfgang Puck Philippe, The Original Los Angeles
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck $6 Breakfast Happy Hour (Cured Pork Cheeks Confit Hash) Melissa d'Arabian Toulouse Petit Seattle, Washington
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck $15 Chef's Tasting Menu (Four Courses) Chris Cosentino Mr. Pollo San Francisco
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck $15 Steak Dinner (Monday Night Special) Pat Neely & Gina Neely The Butcher Shop Steak House Memphis, Tennessee
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck The Gambler's Special Eric Greenspan Mr. Lucky's 24/7 Las Vegas, Nevada
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck Sticky Buns Beau MacMillan El Chorro Lodge Paradise Valley, Arizona
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches Troy Johnson Donovan's Steak & Chop House San Diego, California
2 EV0402 Bang for the Buck Bibim-Bop Alton Brown Hankook Taqueria Atlanta, Georgia
3 EV0403 Nutty White Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Spread Tyler Florence Spread (Closed) San Diego, California
3 EV0403 Nutty Knafeh Sunny Anderson Tanoreen Brooklyn, New York
3 EV0403 Nutty Marzipan Ted Allen Swedish Bakery Chicago, IL
3 EV0403 Nutty Boston Bibb & Mache Salad Duff Goldman Figs Charlestown, MA
3 EV0403 Nutty Dark Chocolate Dixies Alex Guarnaschelli Richardson' Candy Kitchen Deerfield, Massachusetts
3 EV0403 Nutty Aji De Gallina Giada De Laurentiis Mo-Chica Los Angeles
3 EV0403 Nutty Butter Pecan Ice Cream Michael Psilakis Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Brooklyn, New York
3 EV0403 Nutty Coffee Macaron Wolfgang Puck Payard Patisserie Las Vegas, NV
4 EV0404 At a Deli Brisket Duff Goldman Edmart Deli Pikesville, MD
4 EV0404 At a Deli Noodle Kugel Ted Allen Manny's Cafeteria and Delicatessen Chicago, IL
4 EV0404 At a Deli Jimmy's Favorite Claire Robinson Jimmy & Drew's Boulder, Colorado
4 EV0404 At a Deli Corned Beef Sandwich Marc Summers Brent's Deli Northridge, California
4 EV0404 At a Deli Junk Yard Special Adam Gertler Sarcone's Deli Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4 EV0404 At a Deli Everything Bagel Rocco DiSpirito Tal Bagels New York, NY
4 EV0404 At a Deli Beef on Weck Geoffrey Zakarian Charlie the Butcher's Kitchen Williamsville, NY
4 EV0404 At a Deli Chopped Herring Salad Sandwich Alton Brown Barney Greengrass New York, NY
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Crepes Alton Brown Creperie Beau Monde Philadelphia, PA
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Bacon Wrapped Lamb Chops Rocco DiSpirito Employees Only New York, NY
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Agnolotti Sunny Anderson Veni Vidi Vici Atlanta, Georgia
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Basteeya Chris Cosentino Aziza San Francisco
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Ripienone Calzone Scott Conant Fratelli La Bufala Miami, Florida
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Dolmades Yialantzi Alex Guarnaschelli Agnanti Restaurant Astoria, NY
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Squab with Lettuce Chuck Hughes Mr. Chow Miami, FL
5 EV0405 Under Wraps Chicken Tamales Duff Goldman Dorothy's Homemade Tamales Hartsel, CO
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Southern Red Velvet Cake Ted Allen Cake Man Raven Brooklyn, New York
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Mondrian Cake Chris Cosentino Blue Bottle Coffee at the SFMOMA Rooftop Sculpture Garden San Francisco
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Hoecakes Tyler Florence The Lady & Sons Savannah, Georgia
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Flourless Chocolate Cake Aarón Sánchez Cake Flour Louisville, KY
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Carmel Pecan Pound Cake Pat Neely & Gina Neely Chambers Cakes & Cookies Kansas City, Missouri
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Dulce De Leche Cake Marcela Valladolid Extraordinary Desserts San Diego, California
6 EV0406 Cake Walk Whoopie Pie Chuck Hughes Two Fat Cats Bakery Portland, Maine
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Drunken Noodles with Chicken Giada De Laurentiis Wazuzu Las Vegas, Nevada
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks A&M Crispy Beef Duff Goldman Cafe Zen Baltimore, Maryland
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Crispy Calamari Salad Anne Burrell The Continental Philadelphia, PA
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Akamaru Modern Ramen Claire Robinson Ippudo New York, NY
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Tempura Alaskan King Crab Beau MacMillan Yellowtail Las Vegas, Nevada
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Slippery Shrimp Adam Gertler Yang Chow Los Angeles
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Crispy Lamb Filets with Chili Cumin Frank Bruni Szechuan Gourmet New York, NY
7 EV0407 With Chopsticks Mock Eel Alton Brown A Single Pebble Burlington, VT
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Pulled Turkey Sandwich Claire Robinson Hog Heaven Nashville, Tennessee
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Sweet Potato Cheesecake Jeff Henderson Harriet's Cheesecakes Inglewood, California
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Cranberry Preserves Pat Neely & Gina Neely Three Square Grill Portland, Oregon
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Three-Course Turkey Dinner Michael Psilakis Gotham Bar and Grill New York, NY
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Turkey Terrific Sandwich Alex Guarnaschelli Provisions Nantucket, Massachusetts
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Mandoo Vegetable Dumplings Cat Cora Susan Feniger's Street Los Angeles
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Smashing Pumpkin Martini Troy Johnson Grant Grill San Diego, California
8 EV0408 That I'm Thankful For Victoria Sandwich Cake Robert Irvine Tea & Sympathy New York, NY
9 EV0409 Crazy Good White Truffle Tagliatelle Wolfgang Puck Valentino Santa Monica, California
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Pizza with Mushrooms & Garlic Sunny Anderson Di Fara Pizza Brooklyn, New York
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Maple Budino Frank Bruni Locanda Verde New York, NY
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Banana Special Duff Goldman Fentons Creamery Oakland, California
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Pot Roast Rocco DiSpirito Jar Los Angeles
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Marin Joe's Special: Hamburger, Spinach & Egg Tyler Florence Marin Joe's Corte Madera, California
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Roast Duck Simon Majumdar Upperline Restaurant New Orleans, Louisiana
9 EV0409 Crazy Good Matterhorn Cake Giada De Laurentiis Sweet Surrender Bakersfield, California
10 EV0410 With Garlic Plague Bringer Burger Adam Gertler Kuma's Corner Chicago, Illinois
10 EV0410 With Garlic Spaghetti with Roasted Garlic Sauce Melissa d'Arabian Bove's Cafe Burlington, VT
10 EV0410 With Garlic Garlic Bread Alex Guarnaschelli Rosarios Ristorante Boca Raton, FL
10 EV0410 With Garlic Garlic Soup Simon Majumdar Bayona New Orleans, LA
10 EV0410 With Garlic Knoblewurst Michael Psilakis Katz's Deli New York, NY
10 EV0410 With Garlic Garlic Shrimp Rocco DiSpirito Schiller's Liquor Bar New York, NY
10 EV0410 With Garlic Garlic Naan Eric Greenspan Al-Noor Lawndale, California
10 EV0410 With Garlic Half Chicken with Garlic Sauce Duff Goldman Zankou Chicken Los Angeles
11 EV0411 I Ever Made For The Holidays Multiple Recipes By Hosts No restaurants No locations
12 EV0412 On A Stick Mexican Grilled Corn Tyler Florence Cafe Habana New York, NY
12 EV0412 On A Stick Lollipop Trio Adam Gertler Stefan's at L.A. Farm Santa Monica, California
12 EV0412 On A Stick Corn Dog (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day only) Claire Robinson Shake Shack Miami, Florida
Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV0501 Combos Biscuits and Gravy Michael Simon Lucky's Cafe Cleveland, OH
1 EV0501 Combos Spaghetti and Meatballs (Sunday Only) Anne Burrell Extra Virgin New York, NY
1 EV0501 Combos Corned Beef and Cabbage Adam Gertler Franklin Cafe Boston, MA
1 EV0501 Combos Pastrami Reuben and Chicken Noodle Soup Ted Allen Katzinger's Delicatessen Columbus, OH
1 EV0501 Combos Beer-Battered Fish and Chips Marc Summers The Dandelion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1 EV0501 Combos Chicken and Waffles Duff Goldman Roscoe's House of Chicken 'N Waffles Los Angeles
1 EV0501 Combos Watermelon Pickle and Crispy Pork Roger Mooking Fatty Crab (Closed) New York, NY
1 EV0501 Combos Sugar on Snow Alton Brown Bragg Family Farm East Montpelier, VT
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Alton Brown The Old Country Store Lorman, MS
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Claire Robinson Gus's World Famous Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken Mason, Tennessee
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Golden Brown Southern Fried Chicken Beau MacMillan Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe Phoenix, Arizona
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Melissa D'Arabian Babe's Chicken Dinner House Roanoke, Texas
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Robert Irvine Ms. Tootsies Soul Food Cafe Philadelphia, PA
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Mama Els' Fried Chicken Scott Conant Hill Country Chicken New York, NY
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Roger Mooking The Wilkes House Savannah, Georgia
2 EV0502 Fried Chicken Coconut Fried Chicken Michael Simon Cha Cha Chicken Santa Monica, California
3 EV0503 Smoky Baby Back Ribs 17th Street Bar & Grill Marion, Illinois
3 EV0503 Smoky Sakura Smoked Hamachi Sashimi Oishi Boston Boston, MA
3 EV0503 Smoky Big Pork Chop Reef Houston, TX
3 EV0503 Smoky Smoked Mutz (Mozzarella) Hero Vito's Italian Deli Hoboken, NJ
3 EV0503 Smoky Smoked Bar-B-Q Turkey Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Decatur, AL
3 EV0503 Smoky Tea Smoked Oysters Desnuda New York, NY
3 EV0503 Smoky Smoky Bacon Cornbread Husk Restaurant Charleston, SC
3 EV0503 Smoky Smoked Mullet Fish Dinner Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish, Inc. South Pasadena, FL
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Pollo Al Forno (Roasted Chicken) Barbuto New York, NY
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Red Velvet Waffle The Waffle Los Angeles
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Steak Dunigan The Pink Adobe Santa Fe, New Mexico
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Sliced Fish Szechuan Style Gourmet Dumpling House Boston, Massachusetts
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Samosas Samosa House Los Angeles
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Fromage Blanc Island "Cheesecake" Chikalicious Dessert Bar New York, NY
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Arozz A Banda Con Gambas Paella Jaleo Washington, DC
4 EV0504 Better Than Mine Tres Leche Cake Kuba Kuba Richmond, VA
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Tiger Shrimp Roasted Garlic Corn Tamales Mesa Grill (Caesars Palace) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Catfish Sloppy Joe (lunchtime only) RM Seafood (Mandalay Bay) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Chile Rubbed Double Rib Eye SW Steakhouse (Wynn) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Chicken Scarpariello Rao's (Caesars Palace) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Twenty-Vegetable Fried Rice The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Nam Prik Ong Lotus Of Siam Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas Satay Of Chilean Sea Bass Tao Asian Bistro (The Venetian) Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0505 Las Vegas La Langoustine L'Atelier de Joel Robouchon Las Vegas, Nevada
6 EV0506 Road Trip Tater Tots Grill 'Em All Truck Los Angeles
6 EV0506 Road Trip Gyro Steve's Gyros Cleveland, Ohio
6 EV0506 Road Trip Lobster Mashed Potatoes Prime 44 West At The Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, WV
6 EV0506 Road Trip Ahi Wrap Kilauea Fish Market Kauai, HI
6 EV0506 Road Trip Pizza Pot Pie Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co. Chicago, IL
6 EV0506 Road Trip Barbequed Chicken Churrascaria Novo Mundo New Bedford, MA
6 EV0506 Road Trip Salvadoran Burrito Bueno Y Sano Amherst, MA
6 EV0506 Road Trip Roasted Van Vooren Ranch Pheasant Fearing's Restaurant Dallas, TX
7 EV0507 Old School Oysters Rockefeller Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant New York, NY
7 EV0507 Old School Jean Leon Original Chopped Salad La Scala Beverly Hills, California
7 EV0507 Old School Mo-Fo Burger Ray's Place Kent, Ohio
7 EV0507 Old School Sand Dab Filets (fish) Tadich Grill San Francisco, California
7 EV0507 Old School Souffle Potatoes (Pommes Souffle) Galatoire's New Orleans, Louisiana
7 EV0507 Old School West Indies Pepperpot Soup City Tavern Philadelphia, PA
7 EV0507 Old School Queso Flameado The Original Ninfa's on Navigation Houston, TX
7 EV0507 Old School 22 Ounce Strip Sirloin Bern's Steak House Tampa, FL
7 EV0507 Old School Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Bern's Steak House Tampa, Florida
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Toffee Banofi Sundae Sweet Republic Ice Cream Scottsdale, Arizona
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Torta Gelato with Chocolate and Pistachio Bulgarini Gelato Altadena, California
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Gibson Girl Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant (Closed) Mission Viejo, California
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Hot Fudge Sundae Ice Cream Smuggler Dennis, MA
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Pecan Ball Cafe Pacific Dallas, TX
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Chocolate & Peanut Butter Smores w/ Vanilla Ice Cream Prime One Twelve Miami, FL
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Bourbon Apples Cranberry Miso Marcona Almond Maple Fat Gelato Girl & The Goat Chicago, IL
8 EV0508 Ice Creamy Ice Cream Sandwich Jacques Torres Chocolate Brooklyn, NY
9 EV0509 French Favorites Raclette Savoyarde Le Pichet Seattle, WA
9 EV0509 French Favorites Foie Gras Terrine with Marinated Figs Everest Chicago
9 EV0509 French Favorites Steak Frites Solbar Calistoga, California
9 EV0509 French Favorites Gratin de Macaroni Vin Rouge Durham, North Carolina
9 EV0509 French Favorites Braised Beef Shortribs Lucques Los Angeles
9 EV0509 French Favorites Azuki Cream Croissant Japonaise Boston, Massachusetts
9 EV0509 French Favorites Crawfish Etouffee Robin's Restaurant Henderson, Louisiana
9 EV0509 French Favorites Mille Crepes Cake Lady M Confections New York, NY
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Ultimate Steak & Egg Sliders Society Cafe at Encore Las Vegas, NV
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Lobster "Begula" Pasta Michel Richard Citronelle (Closed) Washington, DC
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Reuben Eggroll Mcguire's Irish Pub Pensacola, FL
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Truffled Egg Toast Cafe Ino (Closed) New York, NY
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Foot-hi Lemon Meringue Pie Blue Springs Cafe Highland, IL
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary "Bacon and Eggs" Picholine New York, NY
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Huevos Barbacoa Con Chile D'arbol Salsa Cafe Pasqual's Santa Fe, New Mexico
10 EV0510 Eggstraordinary Strawberry Souffle Cafe Jacqueline San Francisco, California
11 EV0511 Finger Food Fried Pickle Chips Blue Ridge Grill Atlanta, Georgia
11 EV0511 Finger Food Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings Pok Pok Portland, OR
11 EV0511 Finger Food Barbecue Potato Chips with Blue Cheese & Bacon Dip Blue Smoke New York, NY
11 EV0511 Finger Food Afternoon Tea The Adolphus Dallas, Texas
11 EV0511 Finger Food Dorowot Meals by Genet Los Angeles
11 EV0511 Finger Food Toasted Ravioli (order online) Mama Toscano's Ravioli St. Louis, Missouri
11 EV0511 Finger Food Gateway of India Pizza Bombay Pizza Co. Houston, Texas
11 EV0511 Finger Food Bacon Wrapped Matzoh Balls The Gorbals Los Angeles
12 EV0512 Street Food Escargot Puff Lollipop Spencer On The Go San Francisco, California
12 EV0512 Street Food Elk Jalapeño Cheddar Brat Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs Denver, CO
12 EV0512 Street Food Malasadas with Haupia Filling Leonard's Malasadamobile Honolulu, HI
12 EV0512 Street Food Wafel of Massive Deliciousness Wafels & Dinges New York, NY
12 EV0512 Street Food Tortas Ahogadas El Gallito Chula Vista, California
12 EV0512 Street Food H-100's (Tater Tots) Grill 'Em All Los Angeles
12 EV0512 Street Food Pork Belly Slider Odd Duck Farm To Trailer Austin, TX
12 EV0512 Street Food The Salty Pimp Big Gay Ice Cream Truck New York, NY
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Cheese Pizza Mimi's Pizza & Restaurant New York, NY
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Fried Bologna Sandwich Andre's Lounge Toledo, Ohio
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake Citizen Cake San Francisco, California
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Cavatelli Bucci's Restaurant Berea, Ohio
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Soup and Kalua Pig Sandwich Alan Wong's Honolulu, HI
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Frito Pie Five & Dime Santa Fe, New Mexico
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Mussel Bisque Dobson's Bar & Restaurant San Diego, California
13 EV0513 Childhood Favorites Cotton Candy The Four Seasons New York, NY
Episode Show Number Topic Item Restaurant Location
1 EV0601 All American Bar-B-Q Chicken, Bar-B-Q King Drive-In Restaurant Charlotte, NC
1 EV0601 All American Hot Dog (w/ chunky peanut butter, sriracha hot sauce and "alien pickle relish") Happy Dog Cleveland, OH
1 EV0601 All American Cheesecake (New York-style) Junior's Restaurant Brooklyn, NY
1 EV0601 All American Salted Caramel Apple Pie Four & Twenty Blackbirds Brooklyn, NY
1 EV0601 All American Beef Wellington Chez Francois Vermilion, OH
1 EV0601 All American Carrot Cake Lloyd's Carrot Cake Bronx, NY
1 EV0601 All American Deep Fried Cheese Curds (beer-battered) The Old Fashioned Tavern Madison, WI
1 EV0601 All American Paradise Hot Brown Lynn's Paradise Cafe Louisville, KY
2 EV0602 New Orleans Beignets & Chicory Coffee Cafe Beignet New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Gumbo Z'herbes Dooky Chase's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Fried Catfish Dinner Deanie's Seafood Restaurant & Market New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Muffaletta Johnny's Po-boys New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Creole Bread Pudding Souffle (w/ whiskey cream sauce) Commander's Palace Restaurant New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Pho Ga Pho Tau Bay Vietnamese Cuisine New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Roman Candy Roman Candy Company (horse-drawn cart) New Orleans, LA
2 EV0602 New Orleans Emeril's Banana Cream Pie Emeril's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
3 EV0603 Messy Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger The Red Eyed Mule Marietta, Georgia
3 EV0603 Messy Shrimp Boil The Boiling Crab Alhambra, California
3 EV0603 Messy Meatloaf Sandwich Rye Restaurant Brooklyn, New York
3 EV0603 Messy Crispy Pata (fried pork leg) Ruby's Fast Food Chicago, IL
3 EV0603 Messy The Godfather (lasagna grilled cheese sandwich) Melt Bar & Grilled Lakewood, OH
3 EV0603 Messy Asparagus Pistachio Olive Chutney Radicchio Rice Bowl Revel Restaurant Seattle, WA
3 EV0603 Messy Bread & Chocolate Berkshire Mountain Bakery Housatonic, Massachusetts
3 EV0603 Messy Backstabber Sandwich (chicken Caesar salad and artichoke hearts with dirty secret sauce) Ike's Place San Francisco, California
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Coq au vin (braised chicken in burgundy wine) La Poubelle Restaurant Los Angeles
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Coconut Macaroons Salty Tart Bakery (Midtown Global Market) Minneapolis, MN
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Chile Mecco Relleno Suenos (Closed) New York, NY
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Blueberry Blintzes B & H Dairy New York, NY
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Soondubu Jjigae (soft tofu stew) Cho Dang Gol Restaurant New York, NY
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Cavatelli Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Roc Restaurant (Relocated to Louisville, KY) New York, NY
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Spicy Chicken Pops (Indonesian/Malaysian chicken wings) Lukshon Culver City, California
4 EV0604 As Good as Mom's Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian pancake) Spago Beverly Hills, California
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Buffalo-style Pig Tails Animal Los Angeles
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Jumbo Pig Brain Sandwich Hilltop Inn Evansville, Indiana
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Spicy & Tingly Lamb Face Salad Xi'an Famous Foods New York, NY
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Rabbit Liver & Kidneys on Toast Feast Houston, TX
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Vastedda (spleen sandwich) Ferdinando's Focacceria Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good St. George Vert Absinthe Sage at Aria Las Vegas, NV
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Venison Tartare Hotel Griffou New York, NY
5 EV0605 Frightfully Good Duck Tongue Tacos Extra Virgin Kansas City, MO
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Turducken Alpine Steak House and Karl Ehmers Quality Meats Sarasota, FL
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Peking Duck Buddakan New York, NY
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Crackling Beer Can Chicken A-Frame Los Angeles
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Tandoori Cornish Game Hen Snackbar Oxford, Mississippi
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Duck Rice Aldea New York, NY
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Chicken a la Plancha Dovetail New York, NY
6 EV0606 Bird Is The Word Flattened Lemon Chicken Oleana Cambridge, Massachusetts
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Rose Petal Petit Fours Valerie Confections Los Angeles
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Coconut Gold Bars Fran's Chocolates Seattle, Washington
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Egg Nog Ronnybrook Farms Ancramdale, NY
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Rum Cake Anthony's Pizza & Grille Altoona, PA
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Tart Lovin' Oven Frenchtown, NJ
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Buche De Noel Pierre's Bridgehampton, NY
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Fruit Cake Collin Street Bakery Corsicana, TX
7 EV0607 Season's Eatings Bacon of the Month Club Zingerman's Ann Arbor, MI

The original broadcast of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Seasons 1–6, were on The Food Network from 2009 to 2011. [2] In 2018, the show switched to The Cooking Channel. [2] Season 7 did not have any new restaurants. Rather, episodes were based on cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York with the previous restaurants from those cities in each episode.

Starting with Season 8, episodes would consist of new restaurants and food items.

Episode Show Number Topic Item Chef/Host Restaurant Location
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Beef Wellington Alton Brown Marcel Atlanta, GA
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Brisket Ali Khan La Barbecue Austin, TX
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Pasta Sugo Beau Macmillan Tratto Phoenix, AZ
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Au Cheval Burger Geoffrey Zakarian Au Cheval Chicago, IL
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Cinnamon Biscuit Jamika Pesson Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Charleston, SC
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Chicken and Rice Roger Mooking Nong's Khao Man Gai Portland, OR
1 EV0801 Worth the Wait Hot Chicken Duff Goldman Howlin' Rays Los Angeles, CA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Rib Eye Cap Bobby Flay Salt & Char Saratoga Springs, NY
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Chicharron Monti Carlo Broken Spanish Los Angeles, CA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Oxtail Carla Hall Cooks and Captains Brooklyn, NY
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Never the Same Waygu Meatballs Justin Brunson The Backroom at Moody's Waltham, MA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Turkey Ribs Tregaye Fraser Tom, Dick, and Hank Atlanta, GA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Lamb Shoulder Molly Yeh Zahav Philadelphia, PA
2 EV0802 Feats of Meat Sausage Tasting Alexa Guarnaschelli Euclid Hall Denver, CO
3 EV0803 Life Changers Sourdough, Sauerkraut, Pecorino & Ricotta Pancakes Alton Brown State Bird Provisions San Francisco, CA
3 EV0803 Life Changers Original Tomato Pie Alex Guarnaschelli Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana New Haven, CT
3 EV0803 Life Changers Roasted Chicken Jeff Mauro Boka Chicago, IL
3 EV0803 Life Changers Corn Agnolotti Simon Majumdar The Annex Kitchen Fresno, CA
3 EV0803 Life Changers Catfish and Grits Fanny Slater PinPoint Wilmington, NC
3 EV0803 Life Changers Artichokes Barigoule Jonathon Sawyer Edwins Restaurant Cleveland, OH
3 EV0803 Life Changers Olowalu Lime Pie Duff Goldman Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop Maui, HI
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Beets, Labanaeh, Honey & Roti Carla Hall Alliance Traverse City, MI
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Roast Duck Flambe Eddie Jackson Beatrice Inn New York, NY
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Sorrell Pesto Rice Bowl Monti Carlo Sqirl Los Angeles, CA
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Fiori Di Zucca Antonia Lofaso Felix Venice, CA
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect The Rebel Within Molly Yeh Craftsman & Wolves San Francisco, CA
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Cookies + Milk Aaron Sanchez Willa Jean New Orleans, LA
4 EV0804 Picture Perfect Rice Porridge Alton Brown Destroyer Culver City, CA
5 EV0805 Throwback Box Lunch Alton Brown Sally Bell's Kitchen Richmond, VA
5 EV0805 Throwback Steak Diane Simon Majumdar Cotton Manchester, NH
5 EV0805 Throwback Pigs In A Blanket Alex Guarnaschelli Little Donkey Cambridge, MA
5 EV0805 Throwback Shrimp De Jonghe Jeff Mauro Gene & Georgetti Chicago, IL
5 EV0805 Throwback The Loco Moco Tregaye Fraser Rainbow Drive-In Honolulu, HI
5 EV0805 Throwback Bananas Foster Donal Skehan Brennan's New Orleans, LA
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Fried Chicken Bobby Flay Bubby's New York, NY
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Stetson Chopped Salad Beau Macmillan Cowboy Ciao Phoenix, AZ
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Corn Pizza Katie Lee Al forno Providence, RI
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Bo Loc Lac (Shaking Beef) Nguyen Tran Newport Seafood San Gabriel, CA
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Egg Baked in Celery Cream Simon Majumdar Miller Union Atlanta, GA
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Bourbon Honey Ice Cream Jason Smith Crank & Boom Lexington, KY
6 EV0806 Voted Most Popular Lobster Spaghetti Aaron Sanchez Nico Osteria Chicago, IL
7 EV0807 Southern Charm
8 EV0808 Extra Crispy
9 EV0809 Big Cheese
10 EV0810 Sandwich Hall of Fame
11 EV0811 Serious Spice
12 EV0812 Hamburger Heaven
13 EV0813 Small Plates, Big Taste

In 2020, the Food Network aired an eight-episode series spin-off of the show entitled All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate, featuring the network's biggest chefs. [4]

About Us

I'm not going to tell you who Roxy is, but I will tell you the story of how this all happened. Roxy's started out as an accident, really. I was in my last year at Emerson College and spending all of my vacation time touring with my brother Mike's punk band all over the US and Europe. We survived on $5 a day, as well as the ever present spreads of bread and cheese from each country we visited. I joked that I could live off of bread and cheese alone, and a lightbulb went off in my head.

Faced with impending college graduation, I went on my first real job interview with a small market research firm. I showed up to my interview in a suit that was far too small. I was hot and uncomfortable, but somehow managed to get a second interview with the CEO. The morning of the interview, it occurred to me - I didn't own another suit. I wasn't willing to wear that awful suit again, so I called up the company before the interview, told them I accepted another position (I didn't), and started thinking of ways where I could live off bread and cheese. Two weeks later I bought a food truck off of Craigslist. But there was a small problem. Food trucks weren't legal in Boston.

I spent the better part of a year bugging every phone number on the city of Boston website until I convinced the Boston Parks Department to give me a food cart license (those were legal). I paid for the permit in full for the year so it would be harder for them to take it back once they realized I had a truck and not a cart. We passed our health inspection and somehow we ended up becoming the first food truck in Boston to park on a city street.

Why a food truck? A food truck gave us the opportunity to get up close and personal with our guests. We wanted to meet our guests and our community and get to know them as closely as possible. It was amazing to be able to have a conversation with the person you were cooking for. We knew as we grew that we wanted to preserve that experience.

When we started, we committed to taking the little money we had and using it to buy the best ingredients possible. We wanted to serve the type of food you would tell your friends about. To this day we're slicing our own cheeses, cutting our potatoes by hand, making our guacamole, brining and dredging our own chicken.

We've certainly grown beyond just grilled cheese, and beyond just food trucks. But the reason we're here is the same reason why we started - to do something fun, delicious, and innovative, that people can connect with.

A taste of Puerto Rico with Eklectic Eats food truck

SAN ANTONIO – Owner of Eklectic Eats Emma Olivas is all about sharing her culture through her cooking.

“I love cooking, so I was like okay, I’m gonna do it,” Olivas said. " I saved up a little bit and I bought the truck and that’s how it all started.”

She started her food truck, Eklectic Eats, back in January 2020.

“We opened and then two months later, the virus hit. At first it was not knowing, the unknown of the virus, but then after a while we knew that it was safe if you took the precautions,” Olivas said.

If you’re looking to try Puerto Rican food for the first time, here’s a guide for the customer favorites:

• Puerto Rican Sushi (with house sauce)

• Empanadillas (Puerto Rican empanadas)

They are located at 12157 Potranco Rd. You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with their hours.

“I am super proud, this is family owned, everyone who works here is my family and every guest that comes feels like that have been on the island,” Olivas said.

3. Create a Food Truck Business Plan

Like any other business, your food truck will need a well-prepared business plan if you want it to succeed. Your business plan puts your concept on paper and requires you to map out a financial plan.

Having a plan for becoming profitable this early in the process will give you a better understanding of how long it will take for your business to turn a profit, and what funds you need to sustain your business until that point. Your food truck business plan serves as a basis of how you envision your business to start, run, and grow.

Your food truck business plan should include the following sections:

  • Business description: Describe the food truck industry in your region, the present outlook and future possibilities, your concept, theme, and other markets and industries that can directly impact your business.
  • Market analysis: Identify market trends in the food truck industry, your target market, and analyze competitors. For example, are there food trucks in your area that are selling the same kinds of food, or traditional restaurants that have the same target customer base?
  • Organization and management: Explain how you plan to run your business, including standard operating procedures, staffing, and responsibilities of each key partner and employee.
  • Product line: Detail your menu, ingredients, and procedures as well as the cost of preparing the food and how much you plan to sell it for.
  • Marketing plan: Describe how you plan to market your food truck business. Important marketing channels for food trucks include word-of-mouth, influencer marketing, and social media marketing.
  • Funding request and proposal: State how much funding you need to start your food truck and exactly how you plan to have it funded. If you’re applying for a business loan, specify how much money you need to borrow.
  • Financial projections: Breakdown your projected expenses, profits, and losses for at least your first three to five years.

When preparing your business plan, make sure that you include all the details. For example, itemize your marketing strategy, explain how each one will reach your target consumers, how much it will cost, and how many customers it will bring in. List your product line to include all food items, how it will appear on your menu, the ingredients, how to make it, and at what price you plan on selling it.

When starting a food truck, you’ll need to set up an LLC to apply for vendor licenses and startup funding. You’ll also need to separate your personal finances from your business finances by opening a business bank account.

Forming an LLC can be an expensive and complicated process. So, we recommend working with a solution like Incfile to save money while registering your food truck business. With Incfile, you can register your business for free. Visit Incfile to learn more.

Cooking on a Boat

“The first thing you learn when cooking on a sailboat is how to protect whatever is on the stove from falling off the stove,” said Captain Annie Mahle, who sailed the Schooner J. & E. Riggin out of Rockland, Maine, with her husband, Captain Jon Finger.

She continued, “It doesn’t take you too many times with the turkey sliding off the stove and across the galley sole before you realize, ‘Okay, we’re going to have a different plan.’”

Mahle spoke with long experience and the good humor of someone who has successfully figured out that plan—in tight confines with hundreds of pounds of raw ingredients for as many as 24 guests and six crew members, and accounting for a range of dietary requirements.

Not only that, she’s developed scores of recipes that resulted in her Sugar & Salt cookbook series, a collection of recipes, crafts, thoughts, and stories from an adventurous life off the Maine coast. Her cooking, recipes, and cookbooks have been highlighted on the Today Show and Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Her food and the Riggin have been featured in dozens of national media outlets, including the Food Network, Traditional Home Magazine, Family Circle, Women’s Day, Boston Globe, and Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors. Yankee Magazine has twice named the Riggin one of the “Top 10 Places to have Dinner with a View in Maine.”

Mahle sources local ingredients and preps them in the Riggin’s 6- by 8-foot galley.

And yet, Mahle began her career not knowing how to sail and with little culinary training. “When I graduated from college, I wouldn’t have called myself a chef, a writer, a business owner, a sailor, a mom or a wife,” she said. “I was not expecting to be any of those things.”

Raised near Detroit, Michigan, Mahle decided she wanted to learn to sail after graduating from Michigan State University. An acquaintance connected her with Captains Ellen and Ken Barnes, a couple who have long owned windjammers in midcoast Maine. They offered a job the day she called. Mahle drove 16 hours to Maine, got up at 4 the next morning, went to work as mess cook—and quickly developed a passion for cooking. (Her first day on the job, Mahle met Finger, who served as the mate.)

Mahle went from being mess cook to head cook on the windjammers and to private chef on a Caribbean yacht. She further developed her skills as a sous chef to classically trained Swiss chef Hans Bucher and at the Culinary Institute of America.

But Maine beckoned, especially when Mahle and Finger were ready to start a family. They decided to buy a windjammer, with Mahle running the galley.

Annie Mahle and Jon Finger ran the schooner J. & E. Riggin for many years. The couple recently sold the Riggin to former crew members

The Riggin, she said, is essentially a floating restaurant and bed-and-breakfast. Sailing all summer long on multi-day trips in and around Penobscot Bay, she developed sophisticated menus over nearly 25 years that include main courses, sides, salads, baked goods, and drinks, using ingredients that she grows herself or sources locally.

Cooking on a sailboat involves interesting logistics in a 6- by 8-foot galley that’s partly occupied by a 3- by 4-foot woodburning stove. In this space, smaller than a food truck, she and her assistant serve 30 people breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Pre-dawn hours are spent making the day’s baked goods, including breads, sticky buns, and desserts.

She lacks the conveniences of a modern kitchen—microwave, freezer, walk-in refrigerator, or much storage space at all. Her range is a woodstove, the fire built up each morning before dawn, tended throughout the day. Without electricity, everything is made by hand—the bread kneaded, pesto chopped, and whipped cream whisked.

Mahle’s routine starts each weekend. She places orders for the coming week with local purveyors and also looks to see what’s available in her own vegetable, herb, and flower garden. The menu involves a fair amount of strategy. For example, meat cuts come onboard frozen.

“I plan those big roasts and tenderloins and legs of lamb for the end of the week, so they thaw over the course of the trip,” she explained. “The smaller cuts—anything ground or in a stew form—come earlier.”

Everything has its place in the galley’s tight confines, where Mahle and her assistant prepare daily meals for 30 people—without the conveniences of a modern kitchen.

Her menus for the week depend on ingredients available from local growers. She enjoys having guests visit the galley, watch production, and weigh in with recipe ideas. But a special moment occurs before dawn every day, when she quietly makes her way to the dark galley—being careful not to wake sleeping guests—to fire up the woodstove and get the old-fashioned drip-pot coffee maker going for that first cup of brew.

That’s also when she embarks on three or four hours of baking, prepping breads, sticky buns, and desserts. It’s okay to cook the pans of goodies under sail, she said. If the boat is heeling, it just might mean that one side of a pan of brownies, for example, is thick and fudgy and the other side thin and crispy.

Another strategic challenge is finding space to store prepped items so they don’t slide around during the day. A typical home cook might have plenty of countertop to spread out bowls and pans. Mahle goes for vertical storage.

“I stack my baking sheets crisscross,” she said. “I stack the bowls, sometime separating them with a little plastic wrap. I’m storing them up rather than horizontally.”

Then the stacks go into the sink, cabinets, lockers, under the stove, or even in the wood bin as the wood comes out to leave space.

The routine involves a fair bit of exercise.

“On one tack, we stow everything on the downwind side,” she said. “As we come about, I or a crew member go below and stack everything again on the down side. We’re up and down all the time.”

In recent years, Mahle shifted dining service from sit-down meals in the galley—with an hour of setting the table and cleaning up each time—to buffets on the deck.

“That freed up three hours every day so we could kick it in terms of the level of food we make,” she said. “Let’s say we’re making gnocchi with a braised pork loin and a vegetable or two. If I’ve got more time, I can glaze some pecans to go on top of the kale, make an extra sauce, and toast some cumin to toss with the tomatillos.”

In a sense, the wind and waves are themselves part of the menu.

“Anybody who’s going to go sailing, and try to eat meals on the boat, has to be flexible and patient with the waves and the wind,” Mahle said. “You are at their whim. Your goal is to mitigate as many disasters as possible. If you accomplish that, then you’ve won.”

MBH&H Contributing Editor Laurie Schreiber is also a Mainebiz staff writer and has covered topics in Maine for more than 30 years.

Tips for the galley chef

Annie Mahle, former co-owner, captain, and chef of the Schooner J. & E. Riggin in Rockland, Maine, has a host of routines she follows to ensure finished dishes make it to hungry mouths and not onto the galley sole. Here are just a few:

■ Plan your menu and ingredients list before leaving shore, but be ready to adapt. Learn how to substitute ingredients, knowing you can’t hop off the boat and run to the grocery store.

■ Optimize galley space by processing as many ingredients as possible before setting off. For example, Mahle receives delivery of whole stalks of edamame. Before leaving the dock, she removes stalks and throws them into the compost bin at the dock, bringing along only the pods.

■ Before setting off, cook down voluminous items such as leafy greens to the extent possible, then store. Cooked greens take up far less space than fresh.

■ Storage might come in surprising spots—lockers, the sink, or the settee.

■ Store vertically, not horizontally. Mahle stacks baking sheets crisscross and stacks bowls, sometimes separated with plastic wrap. She uses stainless steel bowls so there’s no risk of breakage.

■ Store on the downwind side and be prepared to shift your stacks when the boat tacks.

■ Cooking a soup or stew? Don’t fill the pot to the brim. Likewise, for roasts. You don’t want liquid sloshing out. Depending on sea conditions, Mahle fills pots and pans to two-thirds or three-quarters, and roasting pans to half-full.

Mahle’s cookbooks demonstrate how the art of creating delicious food can be accomplished even in tiny spaces—and with no electricity. Here is an easy recipe for fresh salsa.

10 Fun Things to Do with Neighbors & Friends (While Social Distancing)

Probably one of the most thumbs-down things about the coronavirus pandemic is being able to see your neighbors and nearby friends, but not being able to get closer than six feet to them. If you and your crew are feeling the disconnect, don’t stress! With a little creativity, you can get back to feeling as tightknit as ever within your community. Scroll down to see our super fun ideas for bringing your community together without actually being in a crowd.

1. Organize a scavenger hunt.

The thrill of this hunt is getting to do something active with your neighbors while still respecting each other’s space. Organize a community-wide search by first picking and sharing the theme of the hunt—like animals, states, painted rocks, etc. You may need to prep a little by enlisting the neighborhood to put objects in their windows or on their porches. If you have a competitive crew, add a time limit and a hashtag for sharing pics of your finds.

2. Play Tic-Tac-Toe .

Keep your X’s and O’s socially distant by playing through a glass door or window. Create a Tic-Tac-Toe board with masking tape or an erasable marker on the glass. While you play, one opponent is inside the house, and the other is outside. This sneaky set-up also works with Connect Four and Pictionary.

3. Invite a food truck to visit.

If you feel like all you’ve been doing during this entire pandemic is cooking meals, give yourself (and your neighbors) a much-needed break. After checking on community interest and getting approval from any housing associations, contact a few trucks to see who might be available to set up shop for a couple of hours. To keep lingering crowds to a minimum, you might want to have the truck stick to mobile- or pre-orders only.

4. Have a social distance dance party.

Who knew busting a move with neighbors during a pandemic could be so simple (and ridiculously fun)? All you do is pick the neighbor with the best playlist to blast the music (make sure non-participating neighbors are okay with the ruckus) and invite everyone to showcase their dance moves in their driveways. Kick it up a notch by playing driveway freeze dance.

5. Start a fairy garden.

Do you believe in magic? You will after creating a fairy garden in your yard . Open it up to other enchanted friends by keeping the garden in a high traffic area—near your curb or a sidewalk, for example. Then, any passersby can help decorate the fairy garden with little items: pinecones, stick teepees, or stones for benches or garden paths.

6. Do a sidewalk chalk obstacle course.

From spins and twirls to squats and hopscotch, these chalk obstacle courses are not only fun to do, but they can become a community art project of sorts, with neighbors adding directives to it—“do a yoga pose,” “run in place,” “clap 10 times”—as they go.

7. Show an outdoor movie.

Mainstream movie theaters may be closed, but you’ll barely skip a beat by setting up a projector and an outdoor screen in your yard. Make it BYO by inviting neighbors to bring their snacks (buttered popcorn and Twizzlers … holler!) and sit on their blankets, six feet apart.

8. Make a trade (from a distance).

Save some money while getting to know your neighbors by conducting swaps of various things—clothes, books, toys, etc. Keep it contactless by setting it up online (try: Nextdoor.com or Facebook Marketplace), and being clear on a drop time and place.

9. Set up a free little library.

A little free library is a triple threat. It can bring your community together, curb book clutter and help nix the "summer slide." Set up is super simple, too—get creative and build your own (it's just a larger-looking mailbox) or buy one pre-made from The Little Free Library organization . Bookworms unite (without actually uniting)!

10. Host a virtual happy hour.

Let’s be honest here—this one never gets old. After you’ve shuttled the kids to bed or set them up on a Netflix watch party with their friends, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and snag some face-to-face time (through the interwebz) with your neighbor-friends. Don’t forget to make a toast … to health, happiness and community.

The Caffeinated History of Coffee

On her website ToriAvey.com, Tori Avey explores the story behind the food — why we eat what we eat, how the recipes of different cultures have evolved, and how yesterday’s recipes can inspire us in the kitchen today. Learn more about Tori and The History Kitchen.

Second only to oil, coffee is the most valuable legally traded commodity in the world. We love it, we rely on it, and we drink it in massive quantities. It is estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day worldwide. New Yorkers are said to drink 7 times the amount of any other U.S. city, which is why it may seem like there is a Starbucks on every corner of Manhattan. Famed French writer and philosopher Voltaire was rumored to have drunk 40 – 50 cups per day. Coffee is a daily ritual in the lives of millions of humans around the globe. Where exactly did this caffeinated phenomenon begin?

As with most foods that have been around for centuries, coffee’s beginnings are enveloped in mystery and lore. There is a popular Ethiopian legend wherein coffee is discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi, who found his goats frolicking and full of energy after eating the red fruit of the coffee shrub. Kaldi tried the fruit for himself and had a similar reaction. After witnessing their strange behavior, a monk took some of the fruit back to his fellow monks they too spent the night awake and alert. Of course, they would have been reacting to coffee’s high dose of caffeine. This natural stimulant also serves as an inborn plant pesticide, protecting the coffee fruit from insects.

Before coffee became our morning beverage of choice, it appeared in a variety of different preparations. In its most basic, unprocessed form, coffee is a cherry-like fruit, which becomes red when ripe the coffee bean is found at the center of the red coffee fruit. Early on, the fruit were mixed with animal fat to create a protein rich snack bar. At one point, the fermented pulp was used to make a wine-like concoction incidentally, a similar beverage was made from the cacao fruit, before the advent of chocolate, which goes to show that humans are especially adept at finding new ways to imbibe. Another drink that appeared around 1000 A.D. was made from the whole coffee fruit, including the beans and the hull. It wasn’t until the 13th century that people began to roast coffee beans, the first step in the process of making coffee as we know it today.

The word “coffee” has roots in several languages. In Yemen it earned the name qahwah, which was originally a romantic term for wine. It later became the Turkish kahveh, then Dutch koffie and finally coffee in English.

The modern version of roasted coffee originated in Arabia. During the 13th century, coffee was extremely popular with the Muslim community for its stimulant powers, which proved useful during long prayer sessions. By parching and boiling the coffee beans, rendering them infertile, the Arabs were able to corner the market on coffee crops. In fact, tradition says that not a single coffee plant existed outside of Arabia or Africa until the 1600s, when Baba Budan, an Indian pilgrim, left Mecca with fertile beans fastened to a strap across his abdomen. Baba’s beans resulted in a new and competitive European coffee trade.

In 1616, the Dutch founded the first European-owned coffee estate in Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, then Java in 1696. The French began growing coffee in the Caribbean, followed by the Spanish in Central America and the Portuguese in Brazil. European coffee houses sprang up in Italy and later France, where they reached a new level of popularity. Now, it is de rigueur for Parisians to indulge in a cup of coffee and a baguette or croissant at the numerous coffee cafes throughout Paris.

Coffee plants reached the New World during the early 18th century, though the drink wasn’t really popular in America until the Boston Tea Party of 1773, when making the switch from tea to coffee became something of a patriotic duty. The Civil War and other conflicts that followed also helped to increase coffee consumption, as soldiers relied on the caffeine for a boost of energy. It may have started a bit later here, but Americans love coffee just as much as the rest of the world. Teddy Roosevelt himself is counted among America’s great coffee drinkers due to his rumored consumption of a gallon of coffee daily! Roosevelt is also said to have coined Maxwell House’s famous “Good to the Last Drop” slogan after being served the coffee at Andrew Jackson’s historical home, the Hermitage, in Tennessee.

By the late 1800s, coffee had become a worldwide commodity, and entrepreneurs began looking for new ways to profit from the popular beverage. In 1864, John and Charles Arbuckle, brothers from Pittsburgh, purchased Jabez Burns’ newly invented self-emptying coffee bean roaster. The Arbuckle brothers began selling pre-roasted coffee in paper bags by the pound. They named their coffee “Ariosa,” and found great success selling it to the cowboys of the American West. It wasn’t long before James Folger followed suit and began selling coffee to the gold miners of California. This blazed the trail for several other big name coffee producers, including Maxwell House and Hills Brothers.

In the 1960s, a certain awareness for specialty coffee started to grow, inspiring the opening of the first Starbucks in Seattle in 1971. Today, the grass-roots coffee movement continues to grow with the increase of small independently-owned cafes boasting sustainable, locally roasted, fair trade beans. Coffee has become an artistic trade that is valued for its complexity of flavors and terroir, much like wine.

From a simple cup of black coffee to a complex, multi-adjective Starbucks order, each coffee drinker has their own favorite way of indulging in this caffeinated wonder-drink. Here are six coffee-inspired recipes that will give you some new ways to enjoy this ancient beverage.

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